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Well Paul, a lot of text to read and answer

OK Roland, I just finished 9pgs of reading - all because like Ronnie noted about 10000pages back your post's subject line was misleading and I don't have any rust issues sooooooo...

Didn't you saw the rust...?

LOOK @ the outright insanery I've been missing out on!!!

Need therapy now? Me too

So, 330posts later... if I wasn't feeling bad enough about myself and my total lack of madskillz (as seemingly everyone ELSE here appears to have but me)... now I feel even more werserer!!!

Hmm... What can I say to this? Maybe you can drive your car while me can't

Your build is truly bonkers over the top completely ludicrous - LOVE IT! What an outrageous attention to detail. And golly, you fab and coat everything yourself. Again, I have trouble putting gas in the car and here you are. I feel about 2' tall.

2cm would be worse

And the time you have - holycrap don't get married / have kids heh heh!!!

Neither I do. But my girlfriend loves the car too (what is not that unimportant)

What, you're not drilling your new brake lines?

Any recommendations?

Damn again good sir... this is truly beyond impressive. <---------UNDERSTATEMENT OF 2014!!!

Year just started

Keep up the good work, can't wait for all the impending updates. Great time for me to tune in, you've rounded the reassembly corner! Heck, in the time you started this I sold and rebought my car. Crazy. Hope your arm is fully healed.

Yes, I am happy that it becomes now a car again, even If I have some little issues right since assembly began. Arm is fine, thanks

ps. I literally lol'd @ the rabbit picture (and the surrounding scat). And moreso over the chic next to the bike that appeared to have a tiny hermaphrodidic penner peekin thru her bikini? Crykie!

Yeah, the rabbit is producing tiny little pellets all the time, but dry and odorless luckily... No affiliation to the girl...

pps. lotsa American iron found in your body shop there - go figure?

Can't tell anything, but he is doing a lot of US cars too

ppps. I'm still quite literally flaberghastted by all of what you've done / are doing. Gotta run, time for me to go vacuum the house again.... arrrrrrrrgh... while you go and be further awesome... d'oh me!

Thanks, reminds me to vacuum too my castle (remember the rabbit...)

pppps. I too thought you were some sorta mixed martial arts badarse or something with your screen name, even after spying your last name / flag on the car window.

You are not the first, but nothing at all in this direction. I comes from my name and my passion for streetfighters bikes

ppppps. further ROFLMAO @ the key chain and your GF knowing why... argh now there's a thought I need erased from my head STAT!

Not my head

pppppps. might you email / PM me the specs of them hats for the disk vents? Could use a set and my bud's got all the laser / water jet equip...

PM me your email and you get the CAD etc...

930 Turbo '81 Too many modifications to list
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