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Originally Posted by krasuskyp View Post
I'd rather full colo-rectal exam than be subjected to an "originality" forum. Those posts are nauseating in and of themselves as it stands - let along a whole section's worth full.


I find that those who have DIY their t/c or s/c 911 are more technically oriented and also present creative solutions / alternatives to remedy things. I enjoy that perspective. (Note I said DIY their t/c, not one who wrote a check and had it installed... hmmmmmm. No use for hot air opinions coming from them).

I lol'd a bit @ the wheel crest pointing the right way. I once had a friend point that out on my car, and I wanted to heb!tch manslap him upside the head.

Q-tip crowd.... ha! Noooooooooooo thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

Further roflmao @ the R-List mentions. Sigh. That place is painful painful painful... no thanks / to each his own.

Lastly, totally agreed w/ Tim's 'sweetened' remark and Jakester's sentiments above. Exactly. Stock - honestly - kinda sorta pretty much blows.

So I shoulda kept my car stock to allegedly "preserve it's collector status"? Um, yeah. It's a 60k driver. BFD. Now it's 100000% better, more drivable, more awesomer. And when it comes to resale, buyers in the know will appreciate / value that.

anywho... my useless $0.00002

Pretty much nailed it
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