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update on Mark's 930 fire loss

I feel compelled to take a moment to share some of the sentiments made amongst the 57 great folks who have participated in Mark's campaign thus far.

In 4 short days, we have raised nearly $6,500!!! Amazing. Really drives home exactly how special the bonds are that we have all been fortunate enough to establish here. We share our knowledge, parts, tools, ideas, stories... and when one of our brethren falls - we are there to catch him.

I felt obliged to begin this endeavor when I'd heard what happened, mostly because Mark is such a great dude. I've not (yet! Beware, maaaan!) 'met' Mark, but we have known him on the 930 forum for ~7yrs now.

As the participation has grown, a very apparent common theme continues to resound: Mark is a great dude, and we want to help.

If you haven't 'met' Mark or 'know' him, hopefully these anecdotes provide you some insight (sorry there are so many, but that should tell you something about Mark, and - OUR COMMUNITY!!!):

"I have only been a part of pelican for a short time, and new to the whole Porsche world. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined that the purchase of a car could actually change my life, I am here to say that it has. I have met more wonderful people in the past few months than I ever would have imagined. All this being said Mark was one of the few who commented on my posting where I introduced myself to the P world. I would like to thank him for the warm welcome and wish you the best of luck on the new acquisition that will be in your future. My contribution may have been small but it was from the motor."

"Mark, Though we haven't met, I feel a kinship with you, as I live in Washington as well. I no longer have my 930, but I was very active on the forums about 10 years ago, and I still visit the 930 site on occasion. I've enjoyed your posts and good humor. I wish you the best in recovering from this terrible loss and am pleased to participate in this great effort to help in that regard. May you live happily and in good health, and may you enjoy your new 930!"

"I've benefited a lot from Mark's posts. Just want to say, thank you."

"I've never met Mark but somehow feel I have form all the posts I've read over at Pelican and Rennlist. A lot of good/nice people are stepping in for Mark. A + effort!!!!"

"Mark, I don't know you or your life situation....I just know that the situation described sucks and hope this helps. it forward."

"So glad that I can help getting a great guy back his passion."

"I have saved way more than this because of Mark's advice."

"You'd do it for me, or anybody here you go my man."

"Happy we can help you in return for all the help you provide to us!"

"This is what we do."

"If there was ever a case for "pay-it-forward", this is it. Thanks for all your help on Pelican. Mark, your technical facts/opinions were always appreciated. Hope this helps fulfilling your dream once again."

"I am another person ( of many) that Mark has unselfishly helped without him ever knowing it. His knowledge and expertise has been freely at our disposal without any expectation or demands. I am more than happy to have a small way to give back and finally say "Thank you"!!"

"I appreciate how much you contribute and have benefitted from your enthusiasm, knowledge and humor. It is my pleasure to back up such a great group of people. This is a true example of community and one that cares for sure."

"Great to help fellow boost-brothers. Country of origin is no limit. Mark, and this forums users have helped me and many others. Glad to give something back for a great cause"

"This is a great way to help and show humanity to each other. I'm glad that I can contribute."

"I don't know Mark, so in a way I'm paying back to this valuable community. No other boards are like the PP board.

There has been many touching stories and events on this board, but I'd like to share two. Many years ago, a board member died and I don't think the board knew. Several moths later his wife posted about her late husband's Porsche project that was in pieces in the garage, and she asked the board what she should do with it. A group of fellow board members teamed up, and put the Porsche project back together again so the wife could either keep the car or sell it. I thought this was such an awesome gesture from "strangers" on the Internet, with a common passion. I have told this story in many dinner parties, and it always makes a great impression. These days the net is full of social this and social that, but I think this story really illustrate how the Internet can be a social medium.

The other story happened to myself, and is much less dramatic. I was about to start my first real project on my 930, and rebuild my transmission. I had lots of help from this forum, and of course I got the inspiration to do it myself from a thread here. I decided to start my own thread with all the details about my rebuild. When it came to the question amount the tools needed to separate the dog teeth, they were rather expensive at that time, I received a PM from dyekes saying that I could borrow his if I paid for postage. I was a total stranger, on the other side of the Atlantic, and still he would lend me his $4-500 tools. I thought that was really cool, and thought me an important lesson about trust in this otherwise cynical world.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this board is special, and the people in it, so I want to contribute to help keeping it special. I want to help Mark get a 930 again, and ease his pain for his total (material) loss."

and lastly...

"I have spent more than 100 bucks on dumber, more pointless shiit than this. Count me in!!! Put it in perspective guys, by the time you go out to a decent dinner and grab a few drinks on a Saturday night you spend over 100$. I'll sit home and have some pasta this weekend!!"

If you'd like, please add your own story, experience, or Markism you may have!

Finally, Jake mentioned he'd sourced a potential replacement candidate for sale for Mark... same year... same color... same interior. Nutty huh!?? And it's being offered below market to help Mark's cause... and well below our campaign target. We are well on our way to realistically getting there!... the continued efforts of this community will see to it.

Thanks for listening, gentz...
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