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Originally Posted by JFairman View Post
Mark, I'm sorry about what happened.
My first thought was garage door opener flame out and I didn't want to mention my second thought about what may have happened but in your last few sentences in your post above you kind of said it...

A few days before this fire you said in a post here that if a certain spammer on these forums came to your house you'd kill him and bury him in your backyard. That post was removed because it's not there anymore.
Threats of any level are a very risky thing to say on the internet because you don't know where that person is or anything about them and even if you got the ip address from Wayne's ip log they could be using ip address spoofing software so you'd never be able to trace it.

I also remember two or three years ago you once said maybe I'm a spammer here in one of your posts and I couldn't believe you said that and I didn't like it.
I'm so far from being a spammer... and I'm not a hearsay freak.
I just love these cars. I used to work on them for a living and I need to get a life instead of staying logged in here so I log out after most of my posts.

In the meantime being single and a bit of a loner I waste a lot of time reading and posting here. It gets to be somewhat of an addiction and habit when you're alone. I also like thinking I help some people with their car hobby sharing some of what I know.

Good luck with everything and thats a really nice log cabin you have.
Jim, I appreciate the cautions you've offered. I do not every recall pointing the spammer finger at anyone (let alone you) and if it was interpreted that way then it was completely out of context 'cause that's just not my nature. And if I ever came across that way, then boy was it ever in error 'cause you've contributed more to this forum than I could ever imagine coming close to. Please accept my apology if I've ever offended you.

Actually, unless I have a vindictive ex....and I can't see that, having been with her for nigh-on 35 years...I think an intentional fire is really out of the question. I don't have any enemies that I'm aware of. But one never knows, we must consider all possibilities.
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