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Thanks for the high praise, Cole! That means a lot coming from you, especially considering the awesome Sled you built. (Don't misplace it in all that white stuff again, y'hear? ;-)

And I completely agree about weight savings -- it can make the same car substantially quicker and feel as if it has another torque.

Swapping in a used stock 3.3L is one method, but not as straight-forward as it first seems, and sometimes you're better off working with your known engine you know rather than an unknown from a salvage yard.

How much does a 400hp turbo conversion cost? Not a zillion dollars.
You're looking to double the engine output, and you've already indicated that reliability is essential, so it really depends on:
a) the condition of the engine
b) your expectations of drivability and performance

Let's assume for (a) that the engine is sound, bearings and bottom end are all good, heads are in good shape, and no hack has been into this engine before. The top end is going to come apart and

Then all that's left is what you expect for drivability and performance, and that greatly affects price. To illustrate, here's 2 ways you can make 400hp:
- modified original Motronic injection blowing through stock AFM, pistons with the compression lowered, a stock 1986-89 930 heat exchanger system, and a K27 turbocharger
- 3.4L or 3.5L Turbo P&Cs with MAP-based programmable engine management, short stainless headers, and a Garrett ball bearing turbocharger.
Both have 400hp, and the two cars will drive very differently.

If you would like a detailed estimate, send me a PM and we'll review these specifics, work out the details, and determine a turn-key price.
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