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Good morning Pelicanites and Pelicanitits

(not meaning for that to sound rude in any way im just addressing both sides of the audience)

Anyway i bought a book from a Pelicanite here and been reading...

The Mass Air Flow meter/Sensor on researching it i find that it has also got to do with emissions..

Can it be deleted? if so what can i replace it with? as far as new technology goes? something that has nothing to do with emissions maybe a product that will only squirt the fuel and to hell with pollution?

why has it got 8 places for the injection when only 6 are used, are the other 2 spares?

and my last dum question, ive taken off the injector lines on one side and about to do the other, does it matter if i put them back on in a different order?

I want to remove anything off the engine that can be upgraded or deleted if not needed

So much for keeping it stock.....but i dont care anymore i just want to make my 930 better and more efficent and am looking at any possibilities to make this happen..

Ive taken a photo of it and highlighted the part in question

Ive been quite lucky so far as i dont know the history of the car but i think the engine has been out at the least more than once for work,
So far ive found all the gaskets for the manifold spacers are new, the spacers are new, the engine sound deadening is also new, seems like a fair bit of money was spent, albeit installed by a numbskull as every intake bolt was finger tight only, the maf was held on only by 2 loose screwsa, and months ago i spraypainted around the spacers and recently when i took them off the spraypaint had seeped all the way through the spacers and head into the tunnels thats how loose the manifold was, so maybe thats why the car was low in performance? talk about no vacuum lol

keep in mind what your looking at is my first attempt at dismantling/redoing an engine, any engine for that matter, so pls dont knock it cos its still a 930

Last row 1977 3.0 930 260hp built, still reassembling
Row 1998 996 MK1 3.4 296hp new daily driver
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