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Been awhile since I updated this. Here goes in case anyone is tired of reading my dumb question(s) of the day in the other threads.

1300 mile update....still.

I once owned an 87 16V Scirocco. It was my first German car and for the most part the first thing I ever turned a serious wrench on. I bought it because a fellow flight school student who was from Germany talked me into buying it. The car brought me to a community and to this day to nearly every single person in my life I consider a friend. That car took me through my life as my only car and only hobby from 1997 to 2004/5. I took it from stock to a 1.8L, 2.0L, 276 cammed NA car, boosted, boosted on stand alone. That car was who I was, where I wanted to go and the sole embodiment of my life accomplishments. I built a community of friends around it, organized cruises, shows, dyno days and tech days.

One night someone stole it and gutted it. My life stopped. I watched as everything I loved and valued crumbled, usually from the bottom of a bottle. Friends, relationships, community, all were either gone or too painful to bear. I moved on to Saab Viggen and tried to rebuild and nurture my love of cars. I just couldnít do it. Years passed, I lost touch in meaningful ways with all the friends I had made through cars. People married and had kids and built new connections, I stayed behind.

In 2009 I bought a 77 Rabbit and began again. That car lead me back to life I lost/left. It also lead me to an 87 Cabriolet and later the E24. There is however one place I could not get back to, the tool box. Anytime I tried to convince myself to do something mechanical I just froze and thought about all the blood sweat and tears I had into the Scirocco and how someone could just come and take that away. Instead I usually just dropped the cars off and paid to have the work done. I became and obsessive car polisher. A big part of wrenching on a car for me was/is not what I was doing but who I was doing it with. I have never been a "putter away the hours" in a garage by myself type of guy. Unless of course its polishing something. That is until the last two days.

I told you that story to tell you this one.

The 930 is terrifying to me in many if not all conceivable ways. Cost, power, complexity etc. I however had a moment tonight in the garage with the car. I got out my tools and went to work. Men built this engine, I can disassemble it. Sure, I may break something but it can be repaired/replaced. For the first time since the Scirocco I actually turned my mind off and all those fears off and dug in. It felt good to be invested in the car in way which didnít involve a receipt or a bunch of micro fiber cloths.

So where does that completely unnecessary info leave us? Oh, thatís right, calling AAA to have my car and its box of engine parts sent to someone who knows wtf they are doing. Just kiddingÖok maybe not.
I got the upper manifold off with a minimal amount of struggle.

IMG_5718 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

The hardest part was the damn decel valve. Seriously, I was leaning towards keeping it but after tonight, its history if I donít need it.

IMG_5724 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

IMG_5725 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

I confirmed where the black line which had the hole in it went and I can now replace it completely. Going to the shop tomorrow to pick up some new hose clamps which actually have a 5mm head on them so Iím not trying to cram a screw driver into impossibly deep/inaccessible areas to remove vacuum lines. Also picking up a set of shorty screwdrivers. This continues to be a lifesaving tool in cramped spaces. Cheap ass ratcheting screwdriver thingy to the goddamn rescue.

IMG_5726 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

The 930ís engine bay is cramped to say the least. With every old stuck on hose I envied those who just pull the whole damn motor out. With the motor out this would be a joy to work on. Seriously. I think thatís the genius of the Porsche design, with the motor removed everything you could ever want access too is right there. With other cars there is crap spread all over the engine bay getting in the way of other crap, attached to different crap. You get the idea. With the 911 motor itís all right there, just figure out what layer you need to remove stuff to and bingo. Well bingo if the motor is out, with the motor in you are in for some skinned knuckles and some cursing.

Im probably being a bit dramatic but hear me now, want to work on your 911 motor? Give serious thought to investing the time to drop it and do everything at once. Thanks for reading folks.
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