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Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post you have a God given name that you can add to your signature if comfortable with that, or were your parents both Electrical Engineers and thought a name like "Volt" was cute - or did you change your name when turning 16? (just yanking your chain :-) I'm trying to re-surface interest in eroding the cloak of mystique that so many of our Pelicanites hide behind. Especially for those that just happen to be in my neighborhood (relatively speaking, even though you've made a fatal mistake in choosing to live on the wrong side of the state). I've got this paranoia that I'll soon be meeting a bunch of folks with monikers vs. names and I won't know who the fock I'm meeting!!!
A'ight... I don't often pat mahself on ze back, but takin credit for ^that one^ 8-)

Great to see you bring it back up Mark - wholeheartedly agree... I loathe nothing more than referring to folks as "Mr. Screenname"... irks the crap out of me. New folks will note most us longertimerdorks have done such - makes for muuuuch better interaction here IMO.

Plus I'm a firm believer it promotes transparency... standup folks will put their name behind their word. If you don't want you name to it - don't say it.

Anywho... agreed... told myself "dayum that is a LOT of reading" (holy crap! yeah, you're "not a writer"...ummmmm), yet was bored last night and Pelican Programming assuredly beats anything on What's Her Face had on the bewbtewb so I read it. Problem was the repeats... already read much of it from earlier posts so skimmed ahead to the neu humorous bits.

Btdt regarding phoning the wife to help either in the garage... or worse... atop the street. "Uh, honey?". MMMmmmm, yeah.

I'm verboten to back into my garage any longer. Not to mention it rattles the cupboards muwhahahaaa.

Two things I've learned to never leave home without - even "just 'round the block!": cell phone / wallet. Toooooo mannnny d'ohs! BTDT, will happen again. Assuredly.

My idle valve turns by hand btw. And, you'll find your idle changes literally w/ the wind some daze. Tho maybe that's b/c my idle valve turns by hand heh heh.

ANYanywho... keep up the good werk out thar. You'll soon attain 930 Shangri-La and be able to tune idle & AFR by sound and smell, and will then know - you have arrived.

Agreed on the camaraderie here... there's simply nothing like it anywhere (tho the Audidoodi urS geeks are actually a close 2nd).
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