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Thanks folks, I appreciate the kind words.

Mark -
Name wise, 16volt comes from when I owned my Scirocco 16V. A good friend of mine always called the car a Scirocco 16volt and the name just stuck. The name my parents chose for me however is Shannon. Through the years I often find myself in the situation you describe, knowing people only by their online persona's name.

Hopefully I will find a good reason to head across the pass this summer, we'll have to grab lunch or something.

Scott -
I can sympathize with the reluctance to finish that comes with having a car torn apart in the garage. Over the years I have learned to keep my projects focused and give myself realistic deadlines with plenty of cushion. I usually set some car event as the deadline i.e. having the car ready for a cruise etc. My best advice to overcome the "oh my god what have I done" feeling is break it into bit size mini steps, reassemble one component at a time. Once you start hitting those small goals consistently it get allot easier through momentum.

Paul -
I am well versed with CIS and its idle issues. When I went to a full standalone EFI system on the Scirocco however I learned just how good CIS is. Once you have to program a car how to idle from scratch using either timing/fuel of PID settings on a ISV valve you'll sorely miss CIS.

I miss the mixture control on CIS-E where I could just plug a multi-meter in and dial away. Oh well.

I am really pleased with the 930 community, truly. It's very similar to the VW folks. I have found that higher the price of entry is the worse the community tends be so its been a really great surprise.

Chris -
You should definitely grab a cheap digital camera and document what you do. I feel like its good positive re-enforcement and motivation to keep going. I always consider those folks who haven't done something before when I take pictures, maybe something I do will help someone down the line.

This spring I envision the interior coming out of my car as well. While I would love to do some cool custom touches I need to get it to my baseline of clean, sorted and functional.

reachme -
If I had the space and the gear I wouldnt mind doing a motor drop. Just make a punch list once its out and tackle each fix one at a time. Conversely, once you get the intake plumbing off doing the vacuum lines is very easy and cheap. It has the added bonus of getting you a better picture of the oil line routing so you can make an informed decision to if you want to try to tackle it with the motor in the car.

I am headed directly towards the guardrail as I left a message for gentleman selling some wheels I want. I casually brought it up with the finance department here at home last night, the initial reaction was not overwhelmingly positive. I see the distinct possibility of hiding wheel boxes in the garage under laundry in my future.
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