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Originally Posted by Ronnie's.930 View Post
Rob, third picture up from the bottom shows you have a cap on the WUR's vent port (bad), but in the next two pics it looks like you have a hose on there but the hose looks like it is folded over, or kinked. Where is that hose going? I ask, and maybe you already know this, but that is a vent that allows the WUR diaphragm to work properly - it must be freely vented to atmosphere. Also, if the diaphragm ever ruptures, fuel will pour out of that vent, so you might consider that when you decide where to route the hose.

Diverter valve - did you run a hose from the spout on the diverter valve end cap to the down curved, same sized pipe on the primary intake manifold (4th pic from the bottom - shows tape on it)? Also in the same pic, there appears to be white tape on the upward pointing spout (was used for the deceleration valve which many people remove and run without - me included) - that needs a sturdy vacuum cap hose clamped onto it - tape won't work because it will leak bigtime (vacuum and boost pressure).
ive Temp blocked off Wur, blocked off 2 more vents off the throttle body,
One of them prev went to charge line of the wg so i put that on the IC now i guess?,
i ran a hose from the wur to breathe down the back and outside the car, if fuel goes ive angled the line outside under bumper to spray at cars behind me away from my car if there is a problem.
The AAR, if im to block it one end might as well take it out an dblock off the holes it makes? will that work? also ive got 2 holes left over, one of which is the fuel (sensor)? see pic, do i need to do anything with that or can i lave it? the other hole is next to oil filler is that brake booster? if so where would it go?

im going to loosen off injectors and bleed now, get the fuel through

I put a filter on oil breather also,
next to brake port?
Ill sghorten AAR line and plug it tight when i work out where ill put it if i keep it in car, but if i dont need it ill ditch it, it weighs a few ounces

ive blocked off at intake where the decel would have gone i think?
also to the right ive blocked off throttle body ports, leaving one that runs a hose to the dizzy
In the diagram shows only a couple of lines from tb but mine has about 6 or so ports coming off of it

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