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Part Three

The following day was to be a net loss. There was another break in the weather so I decided that a quick vacuum was in order. Couple of interesting notes about the 930. Underneath the floor mats there is no carpet. It looks like this is common with old 911s, that being said, pretty cheesy Porsche. Increasing the cheese factor is the wood panels where the floor meets the front “firewall”. Those Rennline aluminum replacements seem like a bargain.

I have been under this dash before, it’s never a confidence inspiring experience. The previous owner had an alarm and stereo “system” put in. The install is a total hack job (imo). I usually just back away slowly and try to erase the image from my mind.

IMG_5883 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

Well…I hadn’t so much as had the vacuum going for 4mins before I turned it back off and grabbed a screwdriver to dig a little deeper in hopes of cleaning it up, just a little. Big mistake.

There are two separate hvac blowers in either kick panel. On my way home from the shop I noticed that only the driver’s side of the defrost vent was blowing lukewarm (as hot as the 911 gets) air while the passenger side was cold hence why that side always fogs first. Innocently I thought I would just pop off the two kick panels and take a look. Once the last screw was removed from both panels out poured a rats nest of alarm and stereo guts to the floor. Remember the Christmas light scene with Russ and Clark Griswold from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, yeah, just like that. Like someone who has just been sliced open I immediately tried to stuff all the guts back in… success. Ugh.

IMG_5880 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

IMG_5884 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

On the passenger side where the stereo guts were I was able to relocate to bulky cheater amp to a temporary location till I remove the stereo completely. A cursory inspection and test of the passenger side blower leads me to believe it’s not operating correctly/completely. An no, thats not rust, thats the old spray in glue or sealant. Trust me, I peed a little as well before I confirmed it wasnt the tin worm. You can however see yet another quality Car Toys install job. Panel screw doesnt thread? No problem, find a bigger once just drill a new hole. Argh.

IMG_5882 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

At this point the skies had darkened and I could sense that rain was on its way. I needed to close the patient immediately. Moving on to the driver’s side the blower motor had been knocked off the mount in the floor, the fresh air hose and hot air hose were both disconnected. I have no clue how any heat was actually making it to the windshield.

IMG_5881 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

With the alarm “brain” forced to share this space with the blower motor there is nearly zero chance that anything would fit right. After fighting with the stupid hoses to get them reconnected for literally an hour and a half I was able to get it all back together working a little better than before. It’s now totally clear to me that this alarm crap needs to go or at the very least be completely re-wired. At least I got a chance to use some of my fancy new factory correct screws.

IMG_5885 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

IMG_5886 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

IMG_5887 by thecrashingdoor, on Flickr

Then the rain started. With about 1.5 square feet of the car being vacuumed I decided to call it a weekend. Next time on “What not to do” we explore just how badly I don’t need new wheels. Thanks for reading.
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