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Been some time, cars been generally running well.

Have a slight leak form the oil return connection on the sump cover. Will be loosening that and putting some thread sealer on it soon, hopefully should do the job.

Still have oil coming out of the oil tank vent filter thats installed.
Spoken to a few people and looked through various threads for similar issues and
I'm going to try a few other designs of venting the tank, see what happens.

I have lowered the engine slightly to remove the custom made intake bonnet so I can reduce its height by 10mm or so as it was pushed tight to the fire wall insulation.
This may have been causing the drumming noise under hard acceleration.
Should find out soon once its installed back again.

Whilst the bonnet if off I have leaned the idle mixture as it was running very rich at idle causing hunting when cold and also warm.
It was also fouling the plugs a bit.
Before the 930 WUR was installed it only used to hunt when cold but I think due to my idle being adjusted rich anyway and then adding the 930 WUR which may also help it to run richer the two together where causing the issues.
The AFR is around 10.2 when cold and only goes upto 12's when warm.
I have read 14 to 14.5 should be ideal for idle so mine is well rich.

Not had a dyno yet but had some side by side 'tests ' with some friends cars (Aston Martin Vantage V8 4.7, Renault GTA V6 turbo with 275 dyno HP)
I had the Renault, I could just about pull away from him.
The Aston was faster but not as much as your'd think, my slow change 915 box and turbo lag where the issue's, when the turbo came in he couldn't pull away from me.
My car is also lightened a bit but I'm thinking it must be aprox 270-300HP.

Also I'm running a standard 3LDZ turbo, so K27-7200 etc should give quicker spool up (another future upgrade).

Looking into either a G50 box install or rebuild of my 915 with some goodies on it to help take the load.
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