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I know Miguel, I've totally lost it (wasn't much to lose) - and agreed - hope I don't lose anything "else"! It IS a lot to keep track of and I'm not super organized 8-).

Blame cabin fever and the damn winter here!

It's definitely chaos here - the full insanity check:

- paint valance / mirrors / rear bumper (tit holes filled)
- front mount Setrab 72row plumbed into OE fender mount cooler
- twin Bosch 044's
- JWR Garret / ITS turbo
- SC cams
- some seals "while in ^there^"
- Weltmeister adjustable spring plates
- DZug strut bar
- MSD ignition & coil
- Porterfield R4S front pads
- Smart Racing rotor duct shields & tubes
- Ate Super Blue flush
- Wevo SL shifter (haven't pulled trigger on that one yet... hoping to make it happen)
- Fikse's
- front fenders rolled (thanks Chris!)
- H1's and relays
- new hi/lo signal stalk (I borked mine)
- figure out horn wire to Momo finally - only been a bazillion years

I think that's "it"?

Hey, I don't watch TV, and have a Kerosene blaster and bierfridge in garage - and gearhead neighbors to heckle me.

Best part is, most of ^that^ was zero or minimal cost outlay, as I've sold OE bits and traded this and that for a lot of it. Onnnnly way I can do such, most certainly.


I'd noted before... the FU's betwixt Ronalot & I are 1000% in jest, just good old fashion baulbustin is all.

On that note:

FU Ronnie.

Yeah, all this will definitely be worth it... basically nearly everything I always wanted to do to my POS... finally making it happen. My penance for selling it I s'pose

Pic... because:

Paul... CT | '87 930 | '07 //S6 v10 JNR | '98 ///M3 vert |

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