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Timing thx!! i havent checked that as yet because this and yesterday is the first time in a few weeks, pre-operation timing was perfect
hahaha just took it for a drive big improvement from yesterday b4 i redid the fuel head

(how i started it without waiting for 30 min for engine to warm up)
i rigged up a coathanger with one inch drop forget it ill get the camera
have to find my other shoe first,
i hate the time difference between here in Oz and Papua New Guinea
In case i cant find camera,

Drives steady through gears as a normally aspirated 4 cylinder would so it is very perky in the low rev range which is an excellent result

Temp took approx 5 to 6 minutes to get it to 90 celcius. hit 100c briefly while under simulated boost,
By Simulated i mean Im holding on my foot down. knuckles white, pulse up, look of fear that i forgot two of the injector lines again, starting to sweat , giggling,
But just a steady acceleration in speed, but noise wise she sounds well and loud..the revs were going up quickly BUT not matching road speed

On down shift unsteady/steady popping with no backfiring
Indicators hard to see i think i may need glasses? cos i cant hear them either when on as i have no roof, (other project)

no boost, the boost guage does go up. i hear the whine and now i also hear the sucking through the IC which is cool as it was the first time ive heard that but the air is escaping somewhere else but now I've got a tangible follow up,

She sounds lean however so ill try to richen up on head or Wur,
Check Lower Dizzy for timing preop whe was 7 degrees btdc


no backfiring
good low end
Lemon cleaner smell is gone

There is definitely Boost Leakage which is ok buy me as i feel safe while test driving it after all the changes ive done to the fuel head/lines

Upgrading a euro 3.0 with 3.3 intake, bov, and intercooler at the same time as deleting the decel valve cold start valve and the remains of a thermo time switch is not a clever idea this will be the third time now in one week im takng everything above the Cowl off.
need some fuel bolts though and two plastic fuel lines mine melted when tried to get them on with a heat gun not the way to do it lol
Last row 1977 3.0 930 260hp built, still reassembling
Row 1998 996 MK1 3.4 296hp new daily driver
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