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Funny you bring up this post again... I was going to update my progress tonight.

So, while this job should literally be some 8-10mm nuts on wires and cutting / re-crimping connectors and 17-19-22mm fuel lines and crush washers... (BFD - right???)... I'll submit that... it... was annnnnything but.

Jimboni - you must either be SuperAwesomelyAwesome, or severely downplaying this initiative, or (more likely)... I am teh sukk?


THIS particular picture is telling (for one reason for this point, for another reason to follow)...


The fookin WIRES are fukkin EXACTASS LENGTH. Undo them, cut the ends off, go to re-crimp... and... not enough slack to get any good access to for crimping. What a fukking shiitshow this ended up being for me.

not to mention

allllllllll the while, I'm getting weepy fuel drippings on now open cuts on my knuckles (mmm, feel the 93octane burrrrrrrrrrn!)... oh... and... alllll the way down my forearm, soaking my sleeve. Two pair of vice grips squeezing a rag over the outlet hose still left a steady drip. Awesome. A drip which splashed off the catch pan, repeatedly into mah face. SUPER!

anywho, back to the crimps...

yeah... would it have friggin KILLED PORSCHE to add another GDamn 2cm to the f'n wires? WTF? Everytime I'd slip the crimpers over the connector, it'd pull off. Then I crimped it on, get the boot back on (went on like snapping off a brastrap - poof - on!), got the outlet line on and tight... went to mount it up... pulled the muther fukking connector off.


^This sequence^ literally happened 2-3x. Tho, on every subsequent attempt, oh yeah now the boots wouldn't slip on like that brastrap snap I'd managed 1st time. Yay!

Got THAT buttoned up - finally - feeling like some sorta Native American on a Reservation huffing petrol fumes and particularly delirious by this point, and headed to the rear pump.

Oh the access! Sit there and work away. JOY!.

Not so fast.

THIS pic is revealing in this case:


Wish I'd had it handy as I was reassembling and attempting (!!!) to slip the pump back into it's slide/boss fitting.


Note the clocking of the wires. Reference aforementioned WTF why couldn't Porsche afford the car w/ 2more decimeters of wire - or - fuel line here.


Don't get the clocking and exact orientation 'right' - and - no fitty pumpy again. I went thru various iterations until I finally got it close.

The bottom line needs to snake like an "S" under the bracket. Then, the wires need to be pointed up (mine aren't but I was NOT taking them boots off again - boots, which... by this point... I'd forgotten to pull off the old ones after snipping the connectors and slip on the new ones... whoops - those got reused). Nope. So, mine point elsewhere but I bent them upward to give the slack needed for pump sliding.

Lastly, the outlet line needs to be clocked as seen in this pic, or you won't slide the pump down far enough. And everytime you attempt to reclock it and tighten... it spins. FUN!

I've got it about right... now... to get to reinstall the pair of mounting bolts to the bracket. Anothhhhhhhhhher huge WTF. Why Porsche couldn't have put the bolt from the bottom up thru the rubber bushing? You need to slip them in from the top, then finagle the wrench on them. Mine are now impeded by aforementioned wrong clockage of the wires. Super!

I gave up there for the night, feeling the 93octane buzz entirely too much. So there it sits, for now. I did queue the pumps w/the key a few times to ensure they primed and didn't leak. Got that goin for me.


Point #2 Shannon on your pic. OY! WOW is that some serious corrosion you gots goin on thar. Sorry to see that. Mine looks nothhhhhhhing like that, a Chicago car originally and in CT for last decade - and I'm not bashful about taking it out on dry winter roads, dirt roads, etc. If I'd been faced w/ those crusty fasteners, I'd probably put the fuel line in my mouth and lit a match. D'oh. Sorry, good luck.

To answer your Q... shouldn't have to do much tweaking beyond fudging the CO adjuster for final dial-in. I hope. I'm no where close to 'there' yet.

Fuse-wise... YES - you should defffffintely do this "while you're in there" - regardless of 044age: 930 Fuel Pump Fuse Overload - The Solution

Good luck, report back.
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