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930 Dream Comes True

Pelican forum member, last50, realizes his childhood dream after a twenty-six year search for the car he once fell in love with while attending college. This is his story of this special 'Final Fifty' 930. Enjoy!

photo credit: teryl monson photography

All stories have a beginning and this one is no exception. I grew up in a small farming community where there were Fords, Chevrolets, Dodges and nothing else that mattered- all labeled “imports”. The first and only “import” dealership in town sold something called a “Datsun”. Definitely not a Dodge. There were many snide comments about cars the size of golf carts, tires no bigger than donuts all run by lawnmower engines. You can imagine the shock when the race cars from the new movie “Le Mans” (where ever that was) came to town for an afternoon display at the local Goodyear tire store. I was seventeen and spending weekends drag racing my built Corvair Monza. Next to a stack of tractor tires and surrounded by a velvet rope, was the Porsche 917/20 from the movie. To say I was spellbound is a vast understatement. The signs said “Don’t Touch” and “Stay behind the roped-off area”. Sure, at that moment I was willing to risk life imprisonment just to get a little closer. I ignored all warnings ropes and signs and pushed my way next to the car. I placed my finger on the left rear tire and pushed into the rubber. To my amazement, the car moved and with it my entire life. From that moment on road racing, sportscars, sports car racing and Porsches in particular were pushed aside only for the occasional meal or sleeping. I was in college when the 930 first came out but it didn’t take long to become my dream car. Twenty six years later after much research and relentless phone calls I was able to buy my dream Porsche a 1979 930.

The car was one of the “Final Fifty” produced by Porsche for the US market complete with a certificate of authenticity, badging etc. all signed by DR. F Porsche.

My 930 was the 31st car in the “Final Fifty” group. Only 16 more 930s would be imported to the US. The car was initially imported by University Porsche/Audi and sold to the original purchaser on January 14th, 1982 for the princely sum of $101,285.00 –over twice the going MSRP . The car then remained in the purchaser's car collection until August of 2000 when I purchased the car for $33,000.00 with 20,000 original miles on the odometer and the car in like-new condition. The protective plastic was still on the floor mats and a bottle of original touch-up paint (which I still have) was in the glove box.

One month after buying my 930 I decided to do a little upgrading and refining to enhance the Porsche experience. The intent of the project was to create a street car with good road manners, exceptional performance with better than stock durability that would run on a single turbo on pump gasoline. A daily driver with manners and teeth. The body and interior were to remain as close to stock as possible to retain the iconic image of the 930. Thirteen years later, my 930 was completed in August of 2013.

The final product has exceeded my wildest expectations.

A car that is easy to drive at any speed and in most conditions. I’ve driven the car in all conditions from rush hour traffic in heavy rain to back country roads in light snow-all with out mishap. The car has never been tracked or at a DE day. I did spend one glorious day at a driver skills day and had about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on.

The following is a list of major development points:

EXTERIOR: Completely stock with the exception of light-weight front and rear bumpers, front oil cooler and euro H4 headlights. Current car weight is 2800lbs.

WHEELS AND TIRES : Fikse Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 235/45ZR17 front and 275/40ZR17 rear.

SUSPENSION/BRAKES: RSR front spindles, Fordahl Motorsports bump steer kit, Strut-tower brace , adjustable front and rear bars ,stainless steel brake hoses, coil over springs all four corners, BIG-RED twin turbo brakes, lowered to euro ride height with competition four-way corner balance and alignment by Truline.
ENGINE/TRANSMISSION/CLUTCH: There is currently 1,635 miles on a complete rebuild of the engine by Chris’s German Auto Repair and 2,648 miles since a transmission tear down/gear replacement.
ENGINE: All critical fasteners replaced with Raceware studs, fasteners, washers and nuts. Ni-Resist cylinder head o-rings, titanium valve keepers, Woods Enterprises valve springs, 3.4 Mahle pistons and cylinders, PDX in-dash instrument package, Pauter rods, Electromotive WINTEC 4.921 dual-plug engine management system, 1-bar boost spring, TIAL waste gate, hydraulic chain tensioners , heads ported & cc’d, flowed and matched to 40mm, GLH Motorsports headers, B&B street muffler ,Garret GT35R Turbo, Garrett Intercooler, Bosch Racing Fuel Pump, late model Carrera intake manifold, ported Carrera throttle body, Clewett Engineering scavenge pump, Elgin hot street cams (282 intake and 276 exhaust), WEVO semi-rigid motor and transmission mounts,WEVO short shift kit, case is windage relieved, entire engine/transmission lowered 10mm.

TRANSMISSION: Stock with new syncros and new, close ratio 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears to produce an easily streetable gear set.
CLUTCH: Kennedy Engineering stage one clutch with stage two pivots and a street/race organic/metallic disk.
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