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Originally Posted by wgwollet View Post

I have a 1978 930 with not getting spark or fuel. Mine looks original, all relays and fuse are good.
I then pulled CDI box thinking it was bad, but pin 15 I get no voltage..then there is a relay silver that could be bad so I need to have a jumper. But someone saids there are gizmos under the passenger seat? What are they for? Plus my key never turns on pumps when push flow metering pump still no fuel....I will look for a unplugged.....Mark how many pins is this plug? Why would a someone leave it un-plugged ? Thx
As you've already discoverd, the silver relay is your ignition turnoff delay, that keeps the ignition circuit live for a couple of seconds after you shut off the engine, in order to bleed down the injectors and burn off residual fuel. Regarding the yellow relay, there are a couple different types of yellow relays depending on the year of your car (don't recall, though). Some of the years can use just a standard red fuel pump relay (as the one you show in your picture). The red relays did not work in my '87, but since one is one your car I'm going to assume that it works for you.

The plug behind the fued distributor head is two-pronged and blue or green in color. Reach back with your left hand, shine a light back there and contort your face as close as you can get and you should be able to feel/see it. If unplugged, your pumps should run with the key in the on position. If plugged in, you have to move the air flow metering arm to get the pumps to run.

The relay under the seat is an rpm limiting relay and also serves to actuate the pumps in combination with all the other redundant relays and such. That relay is a silver can, maybe 2 1/2"x5" in size (just having to guess here, going by memory). They have been known to cause mysterious no-run conditions (fuel pumps won't run). You have to pull the seat out to get to it (not a huge job). Once you get access to it, pull the plug and clean it well, plug back in, turn on the key, and see if your pumps will now run. Many of us have taken the relay apart and re-solderd the circuit board points, fixing a problematic relay.

I would suggest that you grab a glass of your favorite beverage, and spend some time reading the sticky "my car won't start". Lots of great info there.
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