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fried alternator????

this is for a friend, I am not into the 944's, I am a 914 person, but I am trying to help.

the car had a dead battery, I was told that the tow company came out to jump it, and the tow guy hooked up the cable backwards, and before he reliezed it, "smoke came from the alternator area!!!!" he correct the backwards jumper and got the car running, the owner then got a new battery Her old one was dead, hence the call for the jump.
The car then sat for several months, and now wont start and the several month old battery is dead, less than 2 volts even after an all night charge with battery disconnected from car. the battery takes no charging current.

so we know we need a replacement battery. the problem is the alternator that got smoked due to duffus from the tow company. it has been too long to file a claim agianst the tow company, that should have been done the minute the alternator smoked.

at anyrate I assume the alternator is dead, and it may be shorted such that it killed the new battery by drawing it down to much.

the diodes maybe were fired, or the windings shot, I don't know yet.

how difficult is an alternator replacement? can the diodes be replaced easily on this alternator, or is a replacement unit the preferred way to go?

is there anything else that may have been harmed besides the alternator that need be addressed?

we will be getting a new battery, and will use it to help trouble shoot the system. In the mean time I told them not to hook up the new battery until we are there to trouble shoot.

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