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The weather in the Boston area today was good enough to get the car out of hibernation. First order of the day was to install a new trunk cable. After about an hour of contortion it was finally in. Tested the mechanism like 20 times before closing the hood - then finally bite the bullet and closed the lidÖ.. Fingers crossed I pulled the T handle (which is pretty hard to do with your fingers crossed) and ďclickĒ the lip popped right up. Phew!

Before I mounted the Fikses, I took her out for a quick ride with 2 of my kids in the back seat. First impressions:

- Lots of people outside today and this car turns heads from 10 year olds to 90 year olds. Lots of pointing and smiling. This car seems to make people happy.

- I got on the boost for the first time and itís a bit of a waiting game, but it hits HARD. I think itís the fastest car Iíve owned. The whoosh of the turbo with the top down is amazing. My sonís smile was ear to ear, my daughterís horror was just what I was hoping for (sheís 14 and ďin controlĒ - meaning she a bit of a PITA at the momentÖ Anyone in the same predicament knows what Iím saying!).

- I loved the sound, the smell, the brakes, the steering

- I didnít love the idle which slowly crept up to 1,400 as the car warmed.

- I didnít love the ~4k RPM boost stutter. I didnít push it past that RPM but it was almost like a soft rev limiter when a modern car exceeds max RPM. Will need to look into that after the car gets a through the shop for basic maintenance.

Emboldened with the success, I set out to mount up the Fikses. Fronts were easy after getting the tires on some 2x4s so I could get the jack under. Lowered the car back down and rolled it around so the suspension would settle. Wow, these things just barely fit in the wheels wells. Canít even get a finger between the rubber and fenders on either side. I canít imagine fitting 265s in there. Thankfully, compared to the old rims, these are super flush with the fender. I like!

Then I go to the back of the car and I realize, there isnít an apparent spot for a floor jack. Come inside and read that people jack on the engine case. That was scary, though reportedly safe. Take the rear tire off and there is a H&R super spacer that bolts to the hub. Take that off and leave the original spacer on. Mount up the new wheel, drop is down. Roll in the driveway again and voila:

Then I drove the car in the driveway to test for rubbing - none that I could tell full lock right or left. It sure is tight, but nothing I could see or feel. I know I need to take it out on the road for testing with suspension articulation, but encouraging so far.

In peoples experience, any chance Iím good to go if it doesnít rub lock to lock while rolling vs. on the road? Any tips for checking clearances? Just want to have a good guess before I bend a fenderÖ.

Thanks, Ed
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