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Jim... yes, my friends would def enjoy 'that' tho sadly so would I

Funny Jesper on our setups. Mine is quite a disaster from winter, things seem to grow / multiply in there.

I can't shoot you any pics yet of the FMOC as I'm awaiting bracket fab before I can hang it - but I def will get you some once things are at that point.

So, today was huge for me - cams are OUT.

Motor had come down during 1st attempt @ cam install due to a couple rocker nuts being waaay over tq'd or seized and we didn't wanna bugger them. Nice straight shot w/ the motor out, and gives chance to reseal both sides of cam boxes, oil cooler, and thermostat / oil pressure "Bermuda Triangle".

So, this was a massive relief and huge step toward reassembly. PHEW! These shots always crack me up how it appears as if the car puked the drivetrain - pluffgahgggah:

Rockers all separately bag'd and noted - everytime What's Her Face tosses ziplocks from the kid's snacks or whatever I'm always ganking them out of the trash and saving them for ???... sure did come in handy. Those and bed sheet set zipper plastic bags:

Len's tasteybits he hand delivered today, he wanted to ensure I had a number of flexible options regarding fitting angle. I'm thrilled to have a more OE looking solution than a bunch of gheyly colored -AN fittings and blingy braided lines and whatnot. Not to mention Len jumped right down there on the floor to get the hands'-on perspective - too cool:

Smart Racing ducts - still need to fab a way to affix them to 'ducts' @ the back of the valance - spied me a nice HVAC duct in PET located up by the firewall but it was something like $50... pass:

Lastly, this one's for Ronnazie... you can literally call mine a HOOPtie now, jah?:

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