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with the clock ticktockin away Tminus <30daze 'n counting fer Montreal F1 roadtrip, I at least attempt to stand firm toward my daily mantra of doing at least a little bit of something on the POS each day

(sleep, overrated)

Sir Len Cummings (BoxsterGT) ohso kindly journey'd down again to sunnaaaay Tolland Sunday to test fit the Elephant Racing FMOC brackets and to final-test-fit his latest fab'd up angled line fittings. What a true gent. He'll be returning hopefully this week for the final mock-up for me to then install. Supercool! Btw... the lines look IMPECCABLE... and fit 100% exactly perfect per my envisioned plan. Len is da MAN on these things.

I had a few PM's and req's for sharing how I'd be mounting this - you can see the strapping in one of the pics being used for ease of layout for measuring for the real bracket to be cut - securing with 2 bolts going straight in, going down 7" and then going back 5" secured with one bolt going up, on each end of the cooler.

The lines aren't clamped yet - and the ER brackets while $120 (!!!) make for a real slick fit (cameo action shot of Len's hands hard at werk):

Here's my fender oil cooler fan since we were discussing that in another thread here recently - seems sommaya's have / sommaya's no have this? Odd. Also odd, the shroud leaves a good 3/4" gap to the inner fender flare - wonder why? I have to shim that up @ some point to capture that airflow escapage. Joy:

Gotta pull the cooler / shroud tonightski to slot the outer edge for the pair of FMOC lines to pass thru up high - part of my Pelican bill did include their set 'o oil line spanners so I'm rightly equipped fer once!

Here's to hoping that some lube'age of ze fan will resurrect it. Nooooo idea if it was running before, never even knew it was there sadly - but - it was prettttty darn tight to spin by hand. Would be nice to save it certainly...

moving along

trans fluid drop and Swepco fill - check!

DAYUM was that drain plug seized... had to propane that sukkah

(and DAYUM is that shiit GOOEY!!!!)

The f'n pump I got w/ the fluid from Amazon wouldn't guzzle the last 1/4 or so of the gallon (unlike Ronnie, Captain Googuzzler - good 'till the last drop!) - awesome - tried to minimize the goo mess w/ the angled funnel I used.


The pump spout has this pair of 3/4" 'ears' which allow it to secure the outer edges of the input hole - well - smarty Paul pulled on the hose to remove and the ears bit into the edges... and 1/2" of one ear sheered off.



After the nausea, delusion, and HariKari temptation passed, I Doctor Jellyfinger'd around in that gooey HOOOOR... and... miraculously not only was able to find / feel it... I fingerbang'd that fukker OUT!!!! Phew. Friggin crisis, averted (remember, kids - I RULE - never doubt nor underestimate my Ruling Prowess!).

Also... the mag drain plug had fair amount of grey goo stuck to it... and... Merry Xmas to PAUL: the head of one gear tooth - maybe 1/16"-1/8" worth. Wonderful!

Good times all 'round as usual... but fluid's DONE. Surprisingly, the fluid looked really great - has to be 7yrs / 25k miles old. Nice and green, Swepco as well I ASSume. I'm hoping my shifting improves, it was starting to degrade somewhat in terms of graunchiness / parsnicketinessitude, I was HOPING that was caused by being low on fluid maybe, as the shift shaft input seal was porous. We'll see.

onward, HO!

MSD Blaster coil - mounted to OE bracket. Check.

coilovers hung - check.

Next is to secure the MSD box to the OE side tin, and then the 'bay will be ready to take that whopper IN! (again, queue Ronnie's expertise!).

Was able to fully strip down the oil pump which was good as I know I had a leak from 'there, somewhere'... one of either the large 'rear main seal'-type seal, the tiny one on the impeller shaft, or the o-ring which separates the 2 halves of the gearbody. It's all re-sealed & together now and ready to hang on the motor so it can roll back under the car tonight. Sweet.

My paint bud shag'd my 2nd mismatched "Indischrot / Guards" bits last night, the spray-out swatch he'd brought is deadringer at least so 3rd time's the charm - get them back Thurs. for reinstall.

Also hit the front upper smile w/1000grit and some Back to Black (the way Ronnie likes it), as I figured the time was GREAT whatwith sans front bumper and all. I'd toyed w/ getting a new one since I had the access and mine's faded, but opted to save the $170 and try to rehab it as it's dead straight / flat still - came out great (no pic yet)!

Tried ordering that turbo silicone reducer from Darin, his only go up to 3" (Ronnie, you are ALL OVER this post today! Too easy!!). Got a 5"x2.5"x2" Venair from that link I'd posted above for something like $23 or $29.

Will start to look like a car again this week... rear brake & spring plate arm reassembly also this week.

Gettin there...
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