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Porsche 911s engine #961890 is STOLEN

Well it seems we have had a bit of a setback... so before I go naming names and pointing fingers, I will make one public post in hopes of not having to do so.

Porsche engine # 961890 was STOLEN while the car was undergoing restoration in Deland, FL in 1994. The cars owner is a 40+ year family friend of the my shops owner and I have been tasked with locating a close matching engine for the car. Upon recieving the COA I started hunting for the correct engine number... That is where this story begins~

Within a day of my original post I was contacted by an individual who for now shall remain "MK" in Texas. After a few phone calls, he said he knew who had our motor, but the gentleman who is a pilot who was currently in Brussles, but used to live in Texas and now resides in Tennessee where he drives the car daily. He also said the motor had different carbs on it but the owner may have the IDS carbs etc... he seemed fairly familiar with the car/motor. I asked a price and he threw out $35,000~ OK that is pretty high but I know the market and that is not far off, but still wanted to negotiate directly with the owner.

At this point I had not reveled the motor was formerly stolen as it did not really matter to us - we simply want to get the motor reunited with the chassis.

I recieved a call again from MK yesterday and was told that the owner of the motor would be happy to sell it, but wanted to deal through a gentleman who is a 914 mechanic in Texas who will remain "RL" for now. At this point I was informed that the price of the motor was $35,000 and included only the long block, no carbs, no tins, no nothing~ The motor would be shipped from Tennessee to RL in Texas who would strip it and send it to us. He gave me RLs' contact details and said I should talk with him.

IMHO this is just plain extorsion as MK was adamant that it added $50k+ to the value of the car and the price was $35K if we wanted it. This is the point at which I lost my cool and decided to inform MK that the motor was in fact stolen about 20 years ago... Suddenly his tone changed quite a bit, as you might expect. The conversation didn't last long then and I was told to speak with RL about it.

I informed MK that I am not trying to get anyone here in trouble, but I also won't be extorted and would like to work out a fair deal with the current owner, get a replacement engine etc... Not trying to get it for free - more then willing to pay a FAIR price. I have no doubt that MK, RL nor the current owner had any idea it was stolen given the fact that the car was last publicly sold on Ebay in 2007.

After 2 days of trying to reach RL in Texas I decided to give MK a call back today and he was not very helpful and now the story has completely changed. I was informed today that it was not the correct engine number and to forget about it, as the motor is no longer for sale... funny how it was available yesterday for $35,000 but now that the truth is out it is no longer available...

When I questioned his story he then claimed to not even know the Pilot from Tennessee who owned the car and all of his information came from RL. OK fine. When I said I probably shouldn't have mentioned it was stolen he almost shouted and said "WELL OF COURSE YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE, YOU'VE SCARED THEM BOTH OFF". Well obviously at this point I am being stonewalled and tried to reinforce the fact that I just wanted to be put in touch with the current owner, not trying to cause trouble, and try to work something out which got me nowhere.

MK stuck to his new story and when I told him I would have no choice but to put all of the information I have out to the public before trying to pursue legal action, in hopes of having someone else contact me, to which he told me to go ahead - and here we are~

In summary:

The owner of car/chassis #500507S had the engine #961890 STOLEN while being restored in Deland, FL in 1994.
The engine was noted to be in a 914-6 which was last sold publicly on Ebay in 2007.
I recieved a call saying they had the motor - now they say they don't

I will wait for a response before naming names in hopes that the involved parties come to their senses and step back up to the negotiation table.

MK in Texas - contact me knowing where the motor in
RL in Texas, 30+ year 914 mechanic who i've been unable to reach
*current owner* International airline pilot who lived in Texas up until about 6 months ago and was recently in Brussles - now resides in Tennessee and daily drives the car which the motor lives in, presumeably still a 914-6.

Sorry for the long post but wanted to put all of this information out there in hopes of recovering this motor.
Any information please call John or Beal at Check Point Auto - 770-951-1777



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