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Fuel adjustments for boost:

1 - yes
2 - no - what you are referring to is the mixture adjuster for idle AFR (raises or lowers, very slightly, the height of the air metering arm when at idle). In theory, a change here should also affect boost, but the reality is that the effect is too insignificant to be considered a factor.
3 - yep - don't want too much ignition advance during boost since K-Jet/CIS doesn't use knock sensors, or anything else, to detect and compensate for detonation.

Symptoms of an overly rich, full throttle enrichment mixture are mid-high RPM misfiring . . . in other words, the engine hesitates/surges/stops accelerating (like you mentioned). It is nearly impossible to notice a lean condition without a meter, as the thing will run great, and I don't know how anyone "hears" detonation on these noisy, rear mounted engines (but some claim they have). I have a friend that added a supercharger to an otherwise stock Mercury Lincoln, and that MF detonated like crazy - made a very loud, popcorn popping, racket that was easy to hear since the engine was relatively quiet and mounted in front.

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