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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
I did a fair amount of header research when designing our equal length 930 headers. Conventional wisdom at the time was the shorter the better. Turned out that was only half the story. The full story was the shorter the equal length the better. What true equal length primaries and secondaries do for you in a turbo application is allow the engine to produce more torque off boost and then to produce more peak power on boost. This is in a street application mind you, racing is a whole different ballgame. I dyno tested every system I could get my hands on using the same engine. The equal length system is magic. The tuned sound alone was worth the effort. The key is for each pulse to reach the turbo in the same timing as the firing order, not a mish mash of odd fire pulses. Each pulse hits the turbine in a coordinated efficient beat.
Building short tube headers is easy and gives you a high percentage of gain over standard heat exchangers. I would not have gone to all the effort and expense to build a tuned system if it had no added benefit. This is not a new or unique idea.
Can you post some of your results for torque and hp that you validated when testing your equal length headers against other designs such as the B&B or OBX headers that alot of us have installed on our turbos?
I like to see testing and want to see the gains since you went thru the trouble of doing back to back tests.
Could you post a few dyno graphs for us here?
Shouldn't be too much trouble I hope.

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