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Quote de Tippy

I can't simplify this enough for my logic that equal is better.

If 2 or more cylinders exhaust pulses/energy with unequal length primaries roughly arrive at the same time in a collector or T flange, how can the energy NOT be negated?

Both or more pulses are trying to occupy the same area reducing gas energy. With perfect cadence, the pulses would have an easier time passing through the tubes/collector.

Not saying I'm right, it's just my logic with zero fluid dynamics background.

That sounds logical to me , its what i was trying to say in original post when i mentioned firing order, but it is more of the order (sequence)? of gases that arrive at the collector T Flange thing,

On this Logic At the point of gases arriving in that area the collecter should be very large ? that would allow all he gases to pass without slowing down to where they go to?

After the collector If they were tapered down (in morphed cube shape ,Maybe?) to match the size of the Turbo opening, If the least disruption is ideal then header shape can be improved ie: round to Square?? (note if anyone does this it was my idea )

Not discounting I think Mr Rarly has done great work (your welcome)and studies and he has many facts to back it up, i think however there are areas that could be changed to make a better system or are we at the point of 100 percent perfecton already?

I did a drawing to show what happens as Tippy says see below

The exhaust is not CONSTANT, it's PULSING.

With, I assume, a bell curve in velocity and CFM from start of each pulsing event until stop.

But again, never took fluid dynamics as an ME has.
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