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Ferraris are not rarer than 930's
Ferraris are not Faster than 930's
Ferraris are not built as well as 930's
Ferraris seem to catch on fire more than 930's

Q: So why do they sell for more?

A: Because the owners sell them for that price

'Obvious and logical answer to that question isnt it?

So then you need to ask Why?

The only reason i can think of is that
Maybe the typical Ferrari owner revere their cars more than a typical 930 owner?

Theres a handful of guys here myself included that would not even consider looking at an offer for our cars for under $100k (i wouldn't part with mine for less than double that) so therefore that is the value of OUR cars because we have set it, no one else can set the value on my car, well they can make offers and conjecture but thats our price tak it or leave it no problem the buyer is not obliged to meet the price.

Ive said it before and ill say it again,

The Sellers control the Market not the buyers, keep that in mind and prices will continue to rise beyond the puny 0-60mph in 8.5 second ferrari dinos! geez talk about slow

So if you wonder why some pricing for 930's are low its because the sellers are selling them low, soon those sellers will be no more and there will only be left owners that compleely revere their cars, that is the day when the prices will go through the roof, supply-demand.

Say in this universe a buyer has 200k and he wants a 930, what does he do? he looks for the cheapest car for his money,

he finds 3 cars all identical one is 50k one is 100k one is 150k

He buys the 50k one of course..

He has just set a price guide, so the other two sellers think theres no way we ae going to get our asking price so they drop their price to match the other

But on Another alternate earth all three cars are over 150k, so the buyer again buys the cheaper one and also setting a price guide.

Motto: If you want 930's to sell for more then stop selling them for less, and when they go for more just think to yourself that it isnt enough, not until they are in seven figures anyway.

Ill add that i completely disagree that you can not buy a 930 for investment because you actually can if you do it the smart way.
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