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Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post

Ferraris are not rarer than 930's - If you compare model years most are, as they made far fewer Ferrari's in a given model year than they did 930s.. The Ferrari has its own "WOW" factor just as the 930 has its own.

Ferraris are not Faster than 930's.. Oh, that depends on which one. Also, most 80's Ferraris are geared tall, what I like to call the autobahn gear, so they are not stop light drag racers but once up on the cams some will run your ass down on top-end.

Ferraris are not built as well as 930's No argument there..

Ferraris seem to catch on fire more than 930's I think this has a lot to do with the idiot owners and deferred maintenance.. I've seen a number of burned 911 & 930s in my time.

Q: So why do they sell for more? Obviously because of limited production of certain models, Duh?

A: Because the owners sell them for that price

'Obvious and logical answer to that question isnt it?

So then you need to ask Why?
The only reason i can think of is that
Maybe the typical Ferrari owner revere their cars more than a typical 930 owner?
The 930 has always been revered. However for most, as a used car.. over a given period of time, it had always been just out of reach.
- Example, when SCs were between $6 -$10k, a 930 of equal condition was 18 -$20k, with a rough example still being over $10k, Hell, at that point you could still buy a long hood for $5k or less!!! 930s were even hard to sell at one point because of the "mysterious" and expensive repair cost associated with them, so they languished for either the bold or the handy to buy.. but again, they were always a bit more of a stretch to purchase that the average used 911

Obviously you don't know much about this market...
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