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Originally Posted by Ronnie's.930 View Post
Paul your car appears to be missing the following, reduculously overpriced, cooler-to-body seal entirely. Mine is missing chunks and needs to be replaced, but I think I will be making an alternative rather than spending $90 on a piece of foam rubber.

Pelican Parts - Product Information: 930-207-353-00-OEM

Like I mentioned in that other thread, the fan thermostat does not trigger until 248 (getting close to the last white hash mark on the temp gauge) . . . mine comes on, but only on the hottest days and if doing stop-and-go driving (like running errands), and it is very obvious when it is running via the noise and feeling blast of super heated air from it.

Good job on the "fingerbang" save with the FOD you introduced into the gearbox. Now see, that little slapstick mishap on your part is an example of cosmic, preemptive, retribution for that "Captain Googuzzler" comment, bit#h!!!

I would be interested in seeing a pic of the broken bit you found in the trans - maybe I, or someone else here, can ID it for you.

Good luck with all of your projects (progress on cooler is BOSS).

And PS -

Angry Martina Hill
Glad you enjoy at least 'something' of what it is I'm doing. Phew. Was getting worried you'd not approve!

So... been awhile since any update here - mostly as... I've been working on the car (not just reading books about their value, ya know). Making some decent headway on a number of fronts.

Motor / trans as of last night reside on the jacks still but in situ! Huge win there, mostly as What's Her Face's 'rent' for her garage bay was becoming impossible to oblige. Joy! Got the turbo and wastegate hung, which was a good win as I had to trim the tin and ensure alignment of the intercooler coupling. Took awhile, certainly.

Also did the CV boots this weekend, 'fun stuff'. Nice to have fresh bits tho. With no small amount of thanks to my Alfa bud John YET AGAIN. I swear, I'm so fortunate to be surrounded by such awesome freakin dewdz (muuuuuch difffffffffferent way than say RONKNEE(s) prefers to be "surrounded by dewdz"). Folks keep reaching out to me (not around, Ronnie) constantly checking in on where I'm at w/ this whole shebang and offering help. I think it's out of pity / sympathy when they see what I'm doing and know who I am - it's too painful to watch otherwise, I'm guessing? It takes a village, certainly! I've got a solid number of solid friends always offering solid help. Too damn cool.

Anywho, anyone know what this 'lil diddy might belong to? Found it nestled on the tin in and around the general vicinity of "under the WUR" (passgenger side, near breather abyss.

(^note the lack of gloves^, strutting mah uber manliness! OK, I ran out... I tend to favor them too - as I also hate being in meetings at work and having nasty fingers / nails at the table. Must be a banker thing, Chris? )

So, Ronalot... you said you wanted a pic of the busted tooth tip I'd found on the trans plug magnet... here's one, which also includes said fingerbang FOD retrieval (phew). Fme you say, eh?:

Motor should be bolted in tonight or so, and begin to hook up the peripheries. Len's FMOC lines should be here hopefully by the weekend and can get that sucker nailed down finally. My bud fab'd me up some mount brackets for the FMOC and valance, pretty cool. Pics to follow.

Course, I busted the nipple off on the temp sender on the OE cooler wrestling with it trying to break the 3" return line coupling. Heat & PB and cheater pipe = nothing. I'm a puny girlymon, I know. Annoying. Was only replacing it since all the other lines are new, it's in good shape and apparently will stay there longer than infinity. Oh well. Time to order a sender.

Oh, also... regarding the missing cooler perimeter seal - I hit up my local hardware store and scored a length of garage door seal - trimmed and glued it on, came out decent enough and will do the job... for $11.99. Um, yeah.

That'll "just" leave bolting the rear suspension / brakes back together, and wiring the MSD. Still need to order them pins / harness plug. What was that vendor source again? Someone here had refer'd me to it but I can't find it again d'oh.

tick frickin tock, biitches!
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