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As someone who has taken a 'normal' 911SC(83) and dropped in a stock 3.3L turbo(86), I can provide some pro's and cons:

Pro's: phenomenal acceleration, and since your 911 is about 150 LBS lighter than a stock 930, that also is bonus not to carry that extra weight. Being the iron-fist in a velvet glove has stealth advantages, except those in the know will know that tail and dual exhaust out the back are dead-giveaways.

Stick to your 915 with a package such as Center-force provides for easy clutch/pressure engagement, and flexible real world driving. It's good up to roughly 450HP, and in 4 years since I have had it, it's performed flawlessly.
Doing 0-60 times from stop-light to stop-light will cost you in terms of longevity, so utilize that extra gear to get you rolling, then 2nd onwards you can pour on the power.

The 3.3L is much more readily available, and places such as LA Dismantlers sell a complete motor for about 12K.

Cons: Power is not only addicting, but corrupting. If you get tickets on a regular basis, stay away from any 911 turbo. Also, like a 747 going down the runway...the acceleration is relentless right up to red-line in 5th gear. The car so effortless passes other cars on the freeway, as if you were driving against traffic.
There is a time to open up a can of whup-ass...and there is a time to just lay back.

MPG will be sliced to about half of what is was

Tail will be a bit heavier as the turbo engine is heavier, and you'll have more rear-weight bias. older 3.0 made a 'howl' about 4000rpms to redline. The turbo is absent of this, and simply makes an angry hissing when on full boost.

Danger: Driven at more than 8/10's, all 911 turbos are not unlike driving a super-bike, and require absolutely full commitment and concentration. Only you can really gauge yourself on your driving ability, but because you can buy or afford something like this, remember the "talent" is not included in the price-tag. There is no 1-800-Call-Mom here...your on your own with no ABS, Traction Control, stability management, etc.

I left my roll bars and torsion bars completely stock, and considering I don't track my car, or do anything crazy on the streets requiring to perform 90 degree turns at warp speed. The car just goes where I point it, and driven smoothly is extremely rewarding in the city or the hwy due to the flexibility of the 3.3L
Except for the Zimmerman cross drilled rotors and factory pads, the brakes are stock as well. In driving the car at 10/10th's on the hwy, or in clutch situations, they stop the car as needed. Tracking the car, my guess is after a few laps, they might not stand up, but since I don't pursue that, so far, the factory brakes/pads/calipers work just fine.

I don't believe anyone(including myself) would allow a novice to experiment with their turbo'll just have to take it on faith from the forum here that the performance is shattering.

911 Design(local So Cal) which is run by Loren Beggs did my car back in 2010 after I secured the motor, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat since they have extensive road and racing experience. Never give your car to someone as an experiment, but to someone who has done this before.

Good luck!
1983 911 3.3L Turbo(YES, I know the turbo badge is on the right...had to be different!)
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