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Quote de turbobrat930

Anytime you can keep the charged air , cooler... the better. The stock I/C sucks!!! You dont nessasarily need to go full bay, but get rid of that hunk of junk stock crap and get yourself a good used aftermarket one....


Yes the Sock IC' Suck and they Suck Air Well


For cars with no IC,

Stock IC compared to no IC

The Stock IC is a Perfect Upgrade in that scenario,

Added cooling benefits


Small size so engine is clear to work on easily, which none of the Aftermarket have this design which is a flaw.

I would like to see a Cutaway of one of these $$$$ IC's

Stock was Designed by German engineers and scientists at the forefront of the days Technology

I bet they spent much more time designing their intercoolers than current aftermarket garage shop welders that sell them for thousands which still defeats me as to how they can ask that for a couple of sheets of stainless steel with a couple of pipes welded on.

Unles theres more to them than meets the eye?

Im sure Chris will show some facts, but i hope he or someone can show a cutaway and SHOW why they are better (Besides the larger surface Area) that part doesnt take rocket science

If they are as basic as i am led to believe i am buying a radiator core from a Holden Barina $129 on Ebay, and making one myself which will be just as efficent. if not more.
They are fairly basic, but a radiator is going to be super restrictive.

It (a radiator) will definitely cool the air charge though, since the velocity will be severely slowed and many, many paths of small tubes to dissipate heat, but expect a huge delta of inlet to outlet airflow.

Go for it!
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