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Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
FYI They changed the rubber centered clutch in the seventies, due to their ongoing quest for the perfect car (you should know this)

Im up to 250000 km on my Daily Driver Stock all Porsche factory Engine 911 Turbo 930, So what are you talking about?

Amount of times ive broken down from failed sock part = ZERO repeat ZERO

Yes i think it is the perfcet car as it is, a Factory 930 especially a Euro version is ultimate,
Whats so good about a giant flippin intercooer that its main use is for people to hide their dirty motors as it covers everything which is such a shame.

PLease do cut one away lets see what technological marvels lies underneath,
i think people dont want to know because they dont want to see that there is in fact nothing there?

People think that i big shiny block of steel will give them more power, shame though because of the weight it adds any alleged power gain is unnoticable

Hey give me 2 grand and ill upset the rear weight bias even more,!! talk about unbalanced (in more ways than one) sheesh

And even with the fuse box half rewired amount of times Ive broken down = ZERO

I had a clutch problem i thought once but that turned out to be the floor carpet had curled up under it, i fixed my clutch problem by moving it back three inches.

Amount of times ive broken down by adding an aftermarket part = 1 (fancy that)
That aftermarket part is now deleted im sticking to Porsche parts only

So what are you Talking about?
You Sound like a Salesman for an aftermarket parts shop

I couldnt resist after your comments about my fusebox, (i know your jealous)

But let the truth be known!

Without prejudice
You do know that the "shiny" intercoolers are aluminum not steel right?

As for the rest of your rant. Large intercoolers are there for a few reasons. The 2 main ones that I can think of are to keep the intake charge cool which =

1) more power

2) less detonation

IMO the added 5 lbs in the rear to get +40 hp and a cooler charge is well worth the sacrifice. You can shave that off and then some by swapping out the rear bumper with a FG one.
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