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Originally Posted by quattrorunner View Post
Robbie, your saying your configuration is stock then?
Your car was not designed for an Intercooler, why are you putting in an Intercooler then?
You wanted it so badly you turned your throttle body 90degrees in order to make it fit. Why would you do that? Because Porsche did it? Great your right, Porsche did it. But to mod your Porsche in such a way for a crappy intercooler(it's well documented) is silly.

Fact is there really is more power from a more efficient Intercooler. Free power in the form of more dense cool air.
Porsche made a pretty cool inter cooler for the 964 turbo, was it heavier? Yup, Porsche made one heavier ooooooooooo boo to Porsche? No Porsche was smart to do that finally.

Robbie, an Intercooler makes any car more safe and reliable, not prone to failure. Cooler air is always better than hot air.

Robbie, I dont know if your angry or just trying to save face but stop. Your not sounding smart.
"I tell my wife this and she makes more sense. " from my favorite movie "raising Arizona".

To cap:
Adding the Intercooler is for why?
Ok. So why not add one that's better? Better than Porsche? Ok it's going to be larger, and more expensive than a used part from eBay I'm sure. But even if not larger footprint, thicker. This is how it's better, more area to cool the charged air and more efficient paths to make smooth the flow= larger.
Gee wiz dude!
Listen to these guys, they know what they're talking about.

Btw I'm concerned about your home brew throttle linkage. That will strand you I'd wager.

Btw my engine is the same as yours and the first few months with it I didn't run an intercooler. The back to back without and then with Intercooler showed me that there really is more power with an Intercooler even at low boost pressures.
I completely Agree with you.
My Engine is Porsche Factory Stock
The IC i added is a Porsche Factory Stock IC

I didnt say i was using Period Original parts only,

I am upgrading my car with later model Porsche Parts because i believe in them and their reliability and because Porsche has constantly strived to make better their cars with these parts, so im using them and making a Euro light car with Factory Porsche Parts albeit later versions.

Ive added late model PORSCHE TURBO Brakes
Ive added late model PORSCHE TURBO Intercooler
Ive added late model PORSCHE TURBO Intake Manifold
Ive added late model PORSCHE TURBO BOV Housing and assembly
Ive added late model PORSCHE TURBO front fender with sunken foglights
Ive added a hardtop Roof cos the PO turned it into a CAB so ive made it into a coupe again

Not bad for a stupid person i think

Ive lso removed Porsche Parts because of what people have said here because of their low reliability or just being a waste of space with no real world benefit, in my topographical location and weather temperatures,

like my Cold Start Injector and Decel Valve

My IC i added with the help of many posts here with the pros and cons and i concurred with the masses that adding an IC is good even though i added mine for different reasons (not more power) i added mine for reliability because at quarter of a million kays i want only the best for my engine, but i have kept with using only Porsche Parts because mainly my car is a Porsche if for no other reason,

If Porsche (and possibly Andial after being made aware of their close racing relaionship) were to make a Full Bay intercooler that i could buy for under $200 i would most likely buy it, but they dont so i didnt.

All Porsche Parts.. if i said previously otherwise then it was a mistake on my part and i apologize if i have confused anyone here.

This is whole Forum is about the Porsche Turbo Car whether someone has a 911 that they have added forced induction or a factory 930 , or a 930 that many want to upgrade in their search for that more addictive power, i dont hold any prejuduces to any car owners here, my only gripes are when someone says a particular thing is a be all and end all because of a common agreement,

Its those ideas i question and challenge because i need to know and i am curious as to why it is this way, I seem stupid to many with my questions and thoughts but believe me when my car is finished with all its elastic ties and wooden rulers and bent screwdrivers, and it works and works well and looks even better im sure i wont look so stupid then,

But when Turbokraft designed their intercooler they did so with a mission in mind, more hp right?
I question if its the best, because i need to know want to know and why.

My home brew Throttle Linkage is the original Porsche one that was already in the car, i reuse it so its fine

for those who say i am stupid,
I was Senior Lecturer for 5 years in Software Development at Flinders University
I hold a degree in Computer science i majored in Mathematics
I speak mathematics in 4 languages

When you see the Really smart ass dum comments by me like my comments about the ic and the hp chart, it is only because i have not had my meds, i have a mental divergence (chemical imbalance) (i wont write it here for fear or prejuduce behaviour from any stupid people who cant grasp things outside their own zone, and my script ran out last Thursday ive just filled it again , ive read my prev post it is nonsensical i apologise, but its been written so thats all i can do- nothing about that now.

But dont worry it wont last forever but if i get stupid again please just ignore it or block me i dont have any control when it happens, move on ok.

This is About the Porsche car
nothing else matters here
Last row 1977 3.0 930 260hp built, still reassembling
Row 1998 996 MK1 3.4 296hp new daily driver
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