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Originally Posted by PSportoVeloce View Post
As others have pointed out, all 930s are hot right now, although this is obviously not a collector quality car. But, it's a long time CA car with lots of history and was obviously loved, even if not too much lately. I recommend getting it running, not necessarily to cross country-ready status, but at least to demonstrate motor and transmission are sound, and then putting it on eBay with a sensible reserve, lots of pretty pictures, and as much information as possible. A good story and an honest/thorough seller go a long way toward satisfying the heebie jeebies of remote buyers and can drive surprising bidding activity. Be sure to mention/photograph tools, books, compressor, records etc. too if there are any.
Thank you for the idea and that may be an option for us.... Get it running and ebay with high reserve... Thanks! Then again we are still not certain if we want to sell as is or get it running and sell..... Thank you

Originally Posted by bobbyp View Post
Figured I'd post it just in case.
My conscience wouldn't be clear if I didn't post it and something happened to that car.

Let us know what your mechanic says and when you are going to ebay it. Lots of us on this forum would take real good care of it.
LOL thank you! Nice to see you posted here in my thread after NEVER have posting on this forum over the last many years you have been a member, I guess the car caught your eye... ;b Thanks for looking out for my dads '8th kid'

Originally Posted by kjchristopher View Post
Did your father live near Hollywood Riviera?
No we have been in Costa Mesa for the last 40+ years...

Originally Posted by JFairman View Post
The upper dashboard has been replaced and is a later eightees one from looking at the center AC duct. Not original but an improvement because they are a different type of plastic vinyl that won't warp and swell from being parked in the sun above the AC duct like the early ones. Nicer looking AC duct too but that's just my opinion.

Looks like you got someone who registered on this forum in 2006 to post for the first time in this thread.
Car looks nice.
Yes now that you mentioned that the dash was replaced due to the reasons you stated.... it got warped by the sun/heat I guess so he did replace it. Thanks for noticing it was a newer better dash, I guess that's a good piece of information to know... It shouldn't ruin a deal for a buyer I wouldn't think.

Originally Posted by Tilikum Turbo View Post
You do realize that is a grey-market car(as Porsche did not offer the 930 in the US Market during 1980-85)?

It may be worth much more to a European buyer than what it's worth here(if the car has not been properly DOT Federalized)
Yes I know it's a Grey market car which might be another selling point of the car.... Thank you for your feedback and interest.

Originally Posted by Jim Rummy View Post
Just to add to this from the other side of the pond - a fire damaged 930 that required complete repaint recently went on eBay for 35,000 - $60,000 I guess. It had a very honest and good write up by the seller.
Not having the original colour will hurt your car, but I still think you should be looking at the equivalent of $40-50,000 - these cars are hot right now.
Thank you for the information, I really appreciate the feedback... I guess if someone wants the original color of dark grey back, they could paint it again... My dad paid about $7,000 dollars to repaint it silver.... Painted the right way (the car taken apart in full to be sprayed.. Thanks for the response!

Originally Posted by 6771911esses View Post
Regardless of the fact that the car has not run in 7-8 yrs it looks very solid, straight and clean. As-is I would not sell for less then mid-high 30s. Color change and unknown exact mileage is never good but the car looks good and a savvy buyer/ mechanic can determine engine condition to assess mileage. EU cars are cool, don't let them down play you on this. In EU they go for the same prices as in USA but in Euros. This car will not last long on Ebay and I can assure you that the Europeans would be all over it. GLWS.
Thanks for your words! My dad really LOVED this Porsche and he made sure to get it serviced ANY TIME it needed anything done to it. He always took it to a European specialist in Costa Mesa off of Red Hill.... Near John Wayne Airport. I can get the name if anyone is interested. Thanks again...

Originally Posted by wjfk32 View Post
Don't sell yourself short.. It's a Euro. Nice looking car

$60+thous. 2 start.

Heck, I didn't drive my garaged 911SC-3.3 Turbo for over 10yrs.. Need new fuel pumps-new injectors-fuel lines-fuel filter-blah--blah--Had also an electrical problem.. Changed to an MSD-6AL-& COIL...A lot of the work I did myself.. Cost effective. Got everything sorted.

Even if you don't get your electrical problem fixed and minor stuff, I still would start at that price. INMOP-U WON'T LOSE
WOW! lol I would love to believe it would sell for that much but am Skeptical..... hey who knows, we will figure it out and everyone here will know how much we sell it for once we sell...... so keep posted to this thread. (It may take 1-8 weeks to sell depending on what all will be involved but we have got the title in my moms name now and it has been cleaned up... Thanks for the reply...

Originally Posted by T77911S View Post
did you ever put a price on the car and where are you located.

No price yet.... stay tuned... we are in Costa Mesa..
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