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i must agree with brian on this one, gadgety crap is just that. first thought was you have over complicated something that does not need to be. after all, the only real mods you have done are the fuel head and muffler.
you said some things that i have questions about.
you said you are knocking the pin, which pin? the small one or the large one with the fuel lines?
i was really interested in your AFR's until you said your afr was eventually running over 15 and th ecruise was 14.5-14.8. if your cruise is 14.5-14.8, when are you at 15+?

70-75mph and you are in or at boost. that is not good. sounds like a serious air leak, which i why i was very interested in your AFR's and i was expecting to see more in the 15's+.
i dont know what this PLX wideband sensor you are using but i hope it is reliable. does not sound like but thats just what i suspect.

.6bar? not good. pull the waste gate and regulate air down to around 15-20 psi. find out about what psi it opens. also listen for air escaping the exhaust pipe. that is a sign the valve guide is bad. not sure how to do it with a mitty vac as brian suggested unless it produces air pressure.

control pressure is low. should be 3.65. another indication you have an air leak.

i would get better readings on AFr'S. steady cruise is what i am interested in. 2500rpm, 3k rpm, but steady, for a few miles.

check the throttle switch. in fact just remove it. mine was not letting the throttle close consistantly giving me different idle RPM's.

you can also bypass the speed relay and make the car more reliable but you need to install something with a rev limiter like an MSD.

again, get rid of all that other crap. you are not making gobs of HP where you need all that stuff. sell it and buy a bigger IC.

just for your info, i too put new stock injector blocks on my car. they have been a source of air leaks since i put them on. i am now waiting on aluminum ones. i have had a lot of the same sysmptoms you have had except my AFR's were leaner, 15.5-16.7. i was expceting soemthing like that from you. kind of why i doubt your equipment.
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