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911S - Thanks for the input. I read your posts multiple times as your issues sound similar to mine, albeit slightly different.

Here is a picture of the WUR. The 'pin' is the allen head bolt on the left side of the picture with the nut underneath it. This picture was taken prior to build, so the vacuum hoses have been replaced. Tap the pin and pressure rises, back off the pin with the nut and pressure decreases. The issue I have had is consistency; I can set it today and tomorrow it will be different.

I am showing idle AFR over 15 after a hot-stop, even though my cruise was still in the high 14's. To clarify, on initial start of the day, the car warms up, idle AFR settles to 14.5, cruise to 14.2-14.5. Turn off the car at a gas station and re-start. At this hot re-start, idle AFR drops to 12-13 and slowly climbs to over 15. Cruise AFR also increases slightly to 14.5 - 14.8. In any case, I'll try to set closer to 3.65 warm and get more AFR numbers.

Car has a Permatune system, so no speed relay or throttle valve switch as far as I can tell. I think that equipment was either not there on the Euro '85, removed with cat prior to my purchase, or removed with the Permatune prior to my purchase. Thinking about this reminds me of how much I didn't know when I bought the car and how much I still need to learn..

Your comment on boost introduction is interesting. I wouldn't think it unusual to start touching into boost at 75 mph, level ground, 7,000' MSL, and 80 degrees, with the heat and altitude being factors. You have much denser air down there in MYR, I remember well from living in CHS. When do you see boost introduction at sea level in highway cruise mode?

Regarding the w/g, I need to check my tools and see if my Mightyvac does pressure too. I'll figure out how to test it one way or another.

About the gadgets..I see many guys on this forum running PLX Devices equipment to monitor AFR and boost. I'm confident I am getting good readings.

Thanks again for the input. Will report back after I get a chance to tinker over the weekend.
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