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Here are some potential problems and things needed :

1) I am fairly certain the 930 distributor will not work "as is" on your 3.0 engine - 930 dist., turns counter clockwise, and the 3.0 turns clockwise (right?) - if so, you would be looking at opening the case to replace the distributor drive gear, so I don't imagine you want to do that.

2) Do you know for certain what the compression ratio is on your 3.0? I ask, because when people add a big bore kit, the new pistons are often a higher compression variety, so if they are (say in the range of 10:1) you do not want to add a turbocharger to that (even with low boost).

3) Are the headstuds Dilivar? If so, check to see if any of them are broken.

4) What transmission do you have (a 915?) - those don't handle turbo power very well (and/or not for very long).

5) How long has the fuel head been sitting around open to atmosphere like that - if for very long, it is probably very gummed up inside with dried fuel and will need to be overhauled/cleaned - same deal with the WUR.

6) How does the OEM intercooler attach to the throttle body since the secondary manifold (diverter valve housing) is missing and you have the aftermarket BOV setup instead?

7) You will need to run two, very powerful, 930 style fuel pumps between the tank and the fuel head to have adequate fuel pressure (just under 70psi continuous) for the turbo K-Jetronic/CIS system . . . the one currently on there for the carbs won't work. And you will also have to have a fuel return line that runs from the fuel head to the tank.

8) You will likely have to buy 6 new mechanical CIS turbo fuel injectors (very expensive) as they are probably effed up with dried fuel and moisture from atmosphere.

9) You will need to add a turbo oil drip tank to your parts above so that oil does not sit in the turbo bearing cartridge and cause coking problems after shutdown.

* Yes, some people on here have used electric scavenge pumps with success. Some have also simply drained the turbo into the sump, but others that have tried this have found it to be inadequate.

* You would need to plan on installing an onboard air-to-fuel ratio meter so that you could tune the fuel system after it and the turbo setup were installed.

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