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After reading MW building reports in Pelican, when I saw his first published video, even I had some time to get over the pose. As if I would have been young myself (like in early 90ies) founding my first architecture office to Vienna (-90) Austria (having Hans-Michel Porsche as a client among other clients back then) and third office in Los Angeles (-95) in I would have had a hard edge approach for such promotion.

Back then I had hardcore approach for everything: doing extreme professional sports, WC racing, architecture, design and especially cars (I bought my first Porsche 24 years ago in age of 22, then relatively new 928S with my own earnings and without dads purchase which was a big issue back then with top land speed to beat even Testa Rossa in autobahn with attitude, its still in my collection).

Also Los Angeles has different atmosphere to live, survival and success there is very different compared to other locations in the world. Back then 1995 I was a troublemaker in architecture world (white collar business) with my 50cm James Douglas Morrison like hair dipped every early morning to salty ocean water to have some morning wave runs before office or university hours, leather pants etc but for the contrast driving white pristine V12 Cabriolet Jaguar. It was truly me, I provoked people partly on purpose, but not because of getting business to the red line overload...
rather quite an opposite. Not in nineties wannabe cool way, but hard core way. I would say, even as being different I succeeded...

Therefore I can see the humorous approach of MW through his very versatile different business outside Porsche world which he has fitted to his life perfectly: he is definitely a serious enthusiast for Porsche, no doubt, by his racing career in PCA club racing he has at least reasonable experience for driving: a soft touch to handle the car with ease, I can see it in his easy touch (I have some hundreds of laps for instance in Nordscheife if not over thousand since 1990 among other track experience worldwide) and smartness not to be foolish ashole in public roads. Slight outlaw sense (the real outlaw sense means, you would be in jail, which would be the same as behaving yourself out from society) .

I can imagine his appearance can get even more criticism from the bikers for the commercial approach rather than originality. But still I think he is doing it openly and politely but not with hidden message: as a designer and fabricator, if you want to live with it, you have to find a decent way for marketing to respect yourself. People are thinking if it is calculated or not. Actually who cares: a great pose for the lifestyle he admires and apparently is living real time... it is his live to live as my life is mine. His lifestyle is not my piece of cake and it doesn't have to be. His approach is delivering great entertainment for us car enthusiasts and it is no more self posing as publishing in youtube your tracklap videos. it is just better produced and very entertaining compared to some wannabe racers without self criticism to publish their last quite modest stunt with pride. And if it helps his marketing, it is a Great set! Go for it MW!

What comes to his part production of Porsche realated retro parts, he is no less outrighted person to do it as any aftermarket tuning companies to produce and sell parts: his career looks to me quite normal: he has build parts originally for his own car and probably somebody has asked if I can have one. And suddenly you are a sort of 'cafe racer' builder, selling also suitable parts for others... I don't see anything wrong in it. What would make RWB or Singer guys to be more proper than he is? Only different genre. I can see that similar process in different genre has happened in RWB-san production than MW has had. If you think music industry, I would say they both are original garage bands from their own will rather than posh posers as gun-for-hire commercial produced ones. I do love originality fo the creator and MW stuff is like that for me. How you show it off, its your own issue if you can live with it.
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