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Originally Posted by T77911S View Post
i have seen some info on the 8 pin CD but thought i would never need it, now i cant remember where i saw it so i am going to ask what may be a dumb question, do you have points?

here is what i am thinking. for magnetic dist output.
even though the "ground" or shield is called ground, it is not really a ground. but, i suppose you could ground the shield and make it work, you would just have to ground the signal at the CD unit.

if you have points, the white wire from the dist goes to the white on the MSD.

if you dont this will get a bit confusing.
for a CCW dist connect the white form the dist to the green on the MSD, not violet. you will have to modify your wiring so that the shield can go to tthe violet and not be grounded.

for CW dist, connect as MSD says. white to violet and the shield to green, but DONT ground the shield.

if you start your car and the timing is extremely advanced, you have the wires from the dist crossed that goto the MSD.
How much difference in crankshaft degrees does the advance change when reversing the polarity of the green and violet wires? Will the car run at all so you can check the effect if you start at say 10 degrees BTDC one way and then reverse the wires? Just looking for an amount the timing changes.

I read the MSD website says the correct installation for a digital box like the 6AL2 programmable unit is the most advanced timing so this does not agree with your statement above, the way I interpret this means the most advanced timing IS the correct polarity. Its opposite for an analog box though.

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