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Originally Posted by 911Velocity View Post
A car is a conglomeration of thousands of parts which must be synergistic to optimize performance. When you deviate from stock (which is what deviants do) you will be forced to make additional unforeseen changes 9trust me on this one). Supercharger boost is NOT the same as turbo boost. The end result boost may be the same e.g. 15 psi = 15 psi but the way you get there and how it comes on is very different. What these differences are and how they affect all the other components of the car are also different. This is not rocket science (almost but not quite) so anything can be done with time $$$$ and perseverance (see dictionary for definition). It only took us 9 years to get o the moon so you should take less. To get to where you believe you want to be will take lots of time, tons of $$$$$ and much pain. There is no easy way, if you want the easy and cheapest way, buy a completely finished and vetted car or a new car as you will definitely spend more doing it from scratch. The adage of buy a restored car rather than restoring it yourself applies here also. That said, good luck but don't let anyone blow smoke up your ass and tell you this is easy, cheap or quick. It is NOT. Enjoy the ride , it will be one you won't forget.

This part is true. A Paxton acts kind of like a "lazy" turbo building boost in a very linear fashion, while the roots type is more instant boost, tons of low end torque but much harder on the drive train. I believe the superchargers take anywhere from 25-35 just to turn the drive while the turbo has no parasitic loss. In the end either one is better than a normally aspirated motor. In terms of the install, either one is not that difficult. There are tons of threads here detailing successful conversions that can be used as a platform, and the Whipple kit that the OP posted is bolt on ready to go for all of us deviants.
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