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Annoying dum crap stupid pooftie car

Im going to have a Breakdown
Im nearly over this everything was perfect until i started making changes for so called better reliability and performance,

I hate to admit it but My car Ran best when it was bone stock.

Been trying to make it how it was but i have this stUPID problem and ive looked for answers on the sticky and cant find my problem ive searched but there are no sereach answers for (Dum) stupid problem so i need to post it here i hope someone has had the same issue and has the fix for this issue ,

My Question is this and please if you answer stick to the question i get confused easily.

Overall description of car

Car is 77 930 euro 3.0 no ic model


Ignition system was 8 pin CDI
msd ignition
tach adapter
Fuel pumps fuses are individually fused

WG is a Tial 46mm
Turbo has no play either way and spins smoothly but slowly when i spin the vane

Exhaust has Dual out Monty Muffler
Headers are stock Euro
Intercooler is from a 1985 930

There is added also

3.3 inlet manifold
3.3 Bov assembly
Intercooler from 3.3

Normal Running symptoms

Starts first time instantly
No battery drain
Power not the best drives like a normally aspirated car

I can hear the turbo spooling up but not findint its way to the wheels and its been this way for a while

Small exhaust leak where they join i removed this to install air plugs last month there is a popping there but not a big leak-will address soon

Im thinking yesterday ive found the last of my vacuum leaks as when i screwed up tight the hose on the turbo (it was rotating in my hand was so loose) im thinking great ill have my power back

I drive for a bit go to the petrol station and put petrol in...she is sluggish ,, less and less power,

IT dies on me, (i still have electrical power) but the revs drop and drop so low then die

I try starting it sounds like theres no fuel but there is, i can smell it.. so im thinking no spark but when i depress the plate on fuel head and turn her over it fires up , but when i step on the gas she dies,

So i got my stilsens and used it to depress the fuel head so i can run it but i had to drive home at idle speed because if i stepped on it whatsoever it will die....

So i drove home idling at 900rpm all the way in each gear

Ive checked this below because im looking for something that can happen during the course of a trip

vacuum hoses all good
fuel pumps good they are both pumping strongly
spark plug wires checked for seating

my seat is in upright position and correct position

Everything was running but now only runs at idle speed

Sometime when i depress fuel plate she will let me Rev and run strongly (IN NEUTRAL) but when i go to drive it it is back to idle speed

Does anyone know anyone have same thing happen?

I dont want to say what i think as i want a fresh approach to this problem maybe something ive not thought of..

Im hoping it is something that i can fix without paying for parts
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