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The MegaSquirt code we developed allows you to roll-your-own solution so something like the inline injector would be fine although I'd add a pressure sensor on the high side as well to get proper control, and I'd drop the WUR still to allow leaning out the mixture if needed as the parallel setup would only do enrichment unless the WUR was preset with a higher than normal control pressure.
Going Low-Buck and to keep it Bosch and looking stock, I'd personally try a genuine frequency valve from a CIS-Lambda combined with a oil pressure sensor in a T fitting.

The AIC is just under 300 bucks and a MicroSquirt is just over so not much in it there, (A DIY MegaSquirt kit could be less than that)
And the custom software for the MegaSquirt unit is free

The Digital WUR really just combined the injector or frequency valve with a pressure and temp sensor into a block of aluminium. The important bit is the control system and apart from the stepper motor attempts the biggest limitation seemed to be the electronics and software.

MegaSquirt is mature, uses Freescale (Motorola) automotive grade processors, has a very large group of lunatics managing the technical advancement, and I would guess almost any Tuning/Dyno place has experience with them. Although I do recall a lot of shops have refused to work on a vehicle with a self built unit for liability reasons, but that was usually because the overall wiring looked like two monkeys had been fighting each other on top of the wiring harness.

A cool new machined and anodised metering block would certainly be nice, but what we wanted to do was create a path where everybody could be happy and revive an injector based UTCIS or get inventive and create something from scratch, but have a common readily available and flexible control system that was capable of much more than the current solutions. The main negative with the concept is it will not be simple plug and play although I'm sure someone will jump in and create a kit if the market is there.
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