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I'd started off on this endeavor sometime during late Jan or early Feb this year. Began so innocently with the desire to sell my Fuchs to obtain some Fikse's due to my spinning my 265's and them no longer being available.

That progressed into trading a member here my OE front valance for an AIR DP-style unit.

and then somehow, ohso innocently enough... things got vertical slippery. Whoops.

I'm enroute to retrieve my POS from it's corner balance and alignment in a bit, and am nearly (nearly!) ready to depart next Thursday for turboPALOOZA. Phew. Been a looooooooooong harrrrrrrrd road, most certainly.

A road I'd never have gone down, and definitely never have completed... without the selfless generous consistent help from sooooooooo mannnnnnnny of youses here (and locally!). I'd name names but fear I'd miss someone (Imadumbass), but you know who you are!!! (Jacob gets special mention here for 2x trips to NE CT from Jersey City, as does AlfaJohn... who's now also 911SCJohn, btw, FTMFW!.. for muuuuuch local help!)

encountered a number of kicks to the nutes along the way, and overcame, conquered, persevered - again 100% due to friends intervention (likely due to feeling sorry for my uber patheticismnessitude!!!)

a recap of what took - oh - nearly 7mos?:

- 18x9/11 Fikse Profil 5 polished lips / black anodized spokes running 255/295 Potenza RE760s
- H1s relayed to run 100w/130w
- A.I.R. front valance
- Setrab 172 front mount oil cooler with custom OEish rubber lines & zinc fittings made by Len Cummings here
- side-indicator air scoop for fender mount oil cooler and new cooler seal
- dual Bosch 044 fuel pumps, with new tank feed line
- MSD 6AL-2 programmable ignition and blaster coil / coil wire
- rebel racing rear coilover Bilstein Sports / 500# springs, no torsions
- Neatrix spring plate bushings
- SC cams
- Jerry Woods Racing Garrett / ITS 0.82 trim... with oil line restrictor (!!! !!! !!!)
- Smart Racing front brake ducts and blockoff plates / Pegasus silicone hoses
- DZug strut bar
- Porterfield R4S front carbon/Kevlar pads & ATE Super Blue bleed
- Swepco 201 trans fluid flush
- scavenge pump / cam tower / chainbox / valve cover / breather / trans output shaft seals
- breather catch can w/ petcock drain
- V-band muffler clamp
- engine bay tin seal
- fan belt
- breather hose
- distributor vacuum hose
- new WBO2 sensor (failed to solve erratic AFR readings, as did the fuel pumps, dammit)
- painted front valance / bumper / mirrors / rear bumper / valance / headlight rings (3x!... Indishrot is not Guards!)... welded up DoubleD overrider holes and screwed in rub strip ends

remaining to do before departure:

- replacement hi/lo beam signal stalk
- weld shifter coupler once and for all

Stats from the cb/align:

Camber LF -.5 degrees RF -.5 degrees
Front Caster 6.0 degrees
Front toe +.04 degrees
Camber LR -1.9 RR -1.9
LR Toe +.25 degrees RR toe +.25 degrees

Ride height to fender with 170 Lb driver and no ARB connected
LF 25 3/4 RF 25 5/8
LR 25 1/2 RR 25 5/8

LF 592 RF 552
LR 987 RR 928
Cross weight 50.2%
total: 2,889

came in heavier than I expected considering my last cb/align there (5/28/09, also just prior to a turboPALOOZA coincidentally) I was 2,747 and F 485/460 R 913/889

Granted... my 18" Fikse's and tires add some decent weight, as does the FMOC and lines and DZug strut bar, and I probably have maybe 2 more gallons of fuel in it this time... but 142lbs??? I think I mighta not had tool kit / spare tire in last time too, hmmm. Oh well. Least the ~+100hp will overcome that nicelike

I'll aim to get it back on the dyno this fall maybe, but my gut guesstimate is I've added maybe 100chp/100ctq... prob now somewhere in the 420chp/460ctq range.

Overall, I'm thrilled w/ the results. Basically, this is (mostly) everything I always wanted my 930 to be for the past 7yrs... nearly all at once (sorta - already had BLWUR / Garretson IC / Powerhaus headers / Rarly Hooligan dual-out / intake / EBC / 934 boost gauge / Prototipo w/ hub extender).

Lessons learned:

7yrs of surfing here very much had me prepared for most of what I'd did. Scope creep however creates unpreparedness and scramble.

This much work takes a metric ASSLOAD of time, commitment, effort, patience, knuckle skin, and perseverance... which also assumes there is family / work understanding of such (multiple multiple multiple 2:30a.m. nights take their toll trying to remain productive in 'real life').

Sure... I coulda paid for someone to do all this work - but I've always considered a motor drop to be a 930 owner's RITE OF PASSAGE ("only" took me 7yrs to muster the stones to do!), and I learned a BUNCH about my car, myself, and did a number of things on it I've always wanted to learn how to do. Pretty cool, and EXTREMELY gratifying!

now, let's just hope it holds up

again... thanks MUCH to all you here and my local friends!!!
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