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pics eh?

Well, I normally bring my DSLR and capture the ongoings throughout - this time, What's Her Face commandeered the camera for the weekend, so I had to make due w/ my phone cam - which is somewhat too much a PITA to bother with... so... I didn't capture too too much unfortunately.

Alas, I also am very aware that sometimes life behind the lens makes for missing out on the moment - so this weekend was a somewhat refreshing break from that. Especially yesterday @ the track - was so busy doing run after run after run after run that I'd not even picked up my phone until we were leaving.

Here's what I managed to get...

84W outside of Poughshiitskie, NY following Matt (reachme) with John (citrus) and his Majesty's Matched Luggage (you can see it inflating w/ the wind on the right there)... I had the balance of 'that', including the RC plane!!! The pic doesn't at ALL do justice to the gorgeous sunset, and the one-lane-construction unfortunately cast a major foreshadow upon what laid in store for us allllllll weeeeeeeeeeeeekend... ugh:

Matt / John / I rolled into Jake's wayway later than hoped (11pm), to Alex (AlexM), Jeff (sorry I ferget yer screen name!... from f'n VA no less tho!), and Jake hanging... and woke up Walt (wfjk or something?) from his beauty sleep (psssst... it ain't werkin!).

Strolled out to the barn and fingerbang'd Mark's Phoenix. Jake had suggested we shoot a pic of all of us rubbin our asscheeks all over it but somehow(?) we never got around to it. You lucked out Mark!:

Jake already posted this, here's my rise 'n shine shot Sat - was SO WEIRD to have FOUR GP White 930s there!... and Matt pop'd turboPALOOZ'ers cab cherry - first one I've ever seen in person no less... love that blue top / gut!:

Too funny Matt! I snag'd the very same shot as you, one car back:

We'd not gotten 5mi into our drive once we got off the main drag... and encountered 'this' bit of supreme awesomeness... 3mi of as-we-speak CHIP SEALING (oil / gravel)... awessssssssssssome. We waited so long we'd shut them down and got out and talked:

Top 'o ze mountain, pavement ends. Back down and re-route. My POS, Jake's, Matt's, then Jeff's, Alex's, and Ken's (gsxrken). John and Walt took turn ridin biitch in various cars, and I'd let John whirl mine so I could bomb in the cab for a bit of afternoon sun:

the first of about 247 u-turns... Centralia proved a PITA to find:

already posted, but my version - State Park stop along a river for some MUCH needed FRESH AIR after hours behind COspewin' monsters:

finally @ our destination, Centralia proved to be a let down as we'd expected a full ghost town - the abandoned highway posted previously is immediately behind Matt's cab over the berm (Ken's car is out of shot to the left):

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