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Yuengling! We've arrived!

No, wait... this is their distribution facility. Had we not borked this and had to jaunt back thru the city and up the hill we'd have made it there before closing. As seen, we all expressed our extreme displeasure and disappointment in that other picture! FU, Yuengling!!!:

our ubiquitous gas-shot... unfortunately, Jake's car is out of view in the middle and Ken's is barely notable, and Matt didn't fuel up or I missed him - ah well. Nice hills in the Shenandoah area:

Saturday... we'd arrived @ Monti and parked, and not shut down our cars but 20seconds... Jake's run and torn off his t-shirt ala Supermanstyle, and jumped the pit wall to find his '82 911 warmed up and ready for his abuse - fargin sneaky bastage!!!

major dickweeds - Jeff / me / Ken / Alex (kneeling), Rey (speednme) / Tim (Tug68) / Jakester (standing):

the Monti staff asked the 930crew to line up after our parade / touring lap for a photoshoot... they all reaaly seemed to enjoy seeing our gaggle, which was cool considering the general caliber of iron (cf!) that is there. Many of the instructors / staffers kept coming out to view them throughout the day.

One gal remarked about "all the cute old Porsches" d'oh. NO SHORTAGE of painted on pants wearing camel toe'd staff there certainly... hey, gotta keep the Member's member's happy! That's our helpful concierge Amy there w/ her back to the shot:

I'd specifically told neither Tim nor Rey to park their uuuuuuber shiny gems annnnnywhere near my POS!!! Dammit / d'oh!!! And a Gayman I'd given a whoopen up on out on the track earlier heh heh:

Rey, when you left someone workin on the Aston Martin's in the bay there shouted "hey, was that a CTR!?!?!" heh heh:

someone get LL Cool J out of Rey's car!!! You think it's nice in pics you gotta see it in person - incredulous! Sounded / looked great on yer WOT departure, btw... you got some good fuel fumeage out the quadpipes, and some maaaaajor SQUAT goin on:

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