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yeah I'm a dork - men's locker room... wanted to show the level of superlativeness this place exudes (cleaning lacky ghost apparition seen in mirror - I had to explain I wasn't a weirdo:

really cool topographical diorama (what's a diorama?) which was fun / helpful to study before going out:


My instructor Dyke (no joke, Ronnie!) was a really cool older chap w/ a '79 SC, had an iPhone app Harry's Laptimes or somesuch - got my full-course session recorded. WOOT! Includes track map, speed, lap time, g-meter, etc. Pretty slick!

Try to ignore my annoying banter - and the part where I got caught sleeping when I fiiiiiiiinally get the pointby (d'oh)... and my confusion right afterward. Was the result of running 1/2 course runs prior... got me conditioned to make a turn right there when we now were no longer making any turn and going straight - doh!).

Vid starts a bit into the session - I'd been stuck behind those wonks in them Jags for 1.5laps and nearly shoving them off to get by.

We got our 3 parade laps, 20min session on south course, 20min session on north course, then 20min session on full course. Of course, our full course run started late and ended on time due to someone w/ a flat on track requiring a hook to extricate. We were pretty dismayed and vocalized it nicelike... which resulted in... another full-track session - whooo hooo!

Got into my groove on that one, and had me some slipsliding FUN! Goooooood tiiiiiiiiiiimes!!!

Made John (Jeeves) my chauffeur and cart my ass back to CT so I could crank back a few cold ones heh heh. Thankfully, arrived home incident free.

MAJOR BUMMER on the deer Ken!!!

Damn tho, did you get off pretty freakin unscathed!!! Bet you were cringing to get out and look! Impressive! And oddly, reminiscent of my trip home from tP'09 where I took a stone to my LF H5 on 287. Weird. We certainly did see a GLUT of punted deer roadside during our miles throughout the weekend.

All in, I think I racked something nearly 1k miles. All mostly went well... some clutch slippage @ top of 3rd pulls after I'd turned up the boost from 0.9 to 1bar... and... after John's fatass got into my car heh heh. I dialed it down and it held fine. Dialed it back up to a shade under 1bar after dumping John off @ his dump of a house (errrrrrrrrrr, wtf... not! On Poverty Hollow Rd. no less - um, no), and it pulls wondrously! Man does it have some top end PULL!

Leaking oil onto headers from 22mm main oil line to case near scavenge pump, and worse - left chain box is leaking @ seal to case... wtf!? We'd sealed that up per spec, and I retorque'd it before I left. Ugh... that's a kick in the nutes.

But no complaints... car didn't explode / crash / get impounded... all signs of a great time!

Oh, one complaint... despite idling @ 10.3afr... no flames anymore! Dammit!!! Used to have them before all the work. I'm bummed! I need to eff w/ my Leask WUR tho... my AFR's ain't right... in order to get it idle to not race @ 1600 w/ idle air screw cranked all the way in I need to richen it up. Annoying. And my throttle kept hanging up which got on my nerves right quick.

Alas, another turboPALOOZA successfully enjoyed. What a frickin GREAT TIME we all had together Thurs / Fri nights partying together. Meeting all you guys finally and bustin each others' bauls incessantly allllllllll weeeeeeeeeekend is beyond hilarity!


Looking forward to continued mayhem, madness, shenanigans, and debauchery together for years to come...
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