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Originally Posted by Robbbyg View Post
Sounds a bit silly doing something for so long that you found difficult and hated doing

I bought mine at 230000kays, took me a whole week to clean the undercarriage
Cost to restore mine so far is about 2 grand and most of that is for the roof and windows I had to buy cos im converting it back to a hardtop, I bought a mig welder too.. all in all pretty easy, watch Youtube to learn how to paint and ask a few questions here.. ts easy as pie, these cars are NOT complicated, im no mechanic or painter, or panel beater or electrician, etc etc..

If you look at it logically all it is is about a ton and a half of metal paint plastic and glass, Your not rebuilding a space shuttle, unless you want to show her?

Start an area ask a question here and the combined knowledge of half of these guys will tell you how to do it..

The only thing you need to know to restore a 930 is to Read and know how to get to the youtube page (that bit was the hardest I had to pinch laptop off kids)

This is about ten hours work
cost=$20 for the header ceramic paint and red enamel, the tubing was free cos I pulled it off a vacuum cleaner, why use it? because im about preservation not pretty.
Im silicone tubing all lines and wiring also, preserving original wiring, pros will say its dum don't do it,

here im up to $80 bucks, whats wrong with it??

If you have rust, then cut it out learn how to weld and fix her she deserves it..
better fix her than let her rust away to nothing, then there will be one less 930 in the world and that makes me sad, And youll be surprised under all that grime she will be pretty , my headers have been on the car for 38 years, theyre date stamped may 77. looked like yours..
Elbow grease does wonders.

If engine bad inside so what?
fix it, go on you tube theres a guy there who has done a step by step dismantle and recondition of a 930 engine its in 6 parts.

Buy it, respect it and when you have her to former glory you wont stop smiling,
it isn't about the money and cost and being too hard... its about how much passion you have for her.

If you dont do it I guarantee someone else will

All I see is a thing of beauty,
If you love 930's GO FOR IT!

You and I would get along very well. Love the work you are doing, getting your hands dirty and using the internet.

Your engine has 230,000kms, has it been rebuilt?
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