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Originally Posted by Speedy Squirrel View Post
+1 on find another tuner. MOTEC is designed to withstand mounting in the side-pod of an open wheel car. Gold plated contacts, ceramic substrate surface mount parts, and over-the-top connector quality is not something you really need on a street car. It's cool though.

That said, the more consumer oriented ECU's have more DYI friendly features that make a tuner un-necessary for many people willing to take the plunge. FYI, I spent around $3800 on mine:

ECU w/2bar MAP Sensor - $1100
Wiring - $140
Hoses and fittings - $324
Fuel Pressure Regulator - $154
Machine injector blocks - $60
Injectors - $845
Gaskets - $97
Fabricate fuel rails - $133
Machine MAP, TPS, IAT mount - $70
Cylinder Head Temp Sensor - $44
Throttle Position Sensor - $46
Air Temp Sensor - $62
Fasteners - $38
IAC adaptor - $185
Idle Air Control - $58
Digital CDI Box - $196
Ignition Module - $78
Wide Range O2 - $189

You have to remember that you are getting fuel injection AND ignition control AND a data acquisition system.

CIS flapper door has a noticeable delay to it - good riddance
Closed loop fueling around town - better fuel consumption
Fuel cutoff on closed pedal - cleaner plugs, nice sound, better throttle response
You can be more aggressive with timing, i.e. retard when the MAT gets too hot
More reliable, just read through this forum for sob stories
Relatively impervious to current fuels, even E85
More optimal timing at part throttle = better throttle response
You have a data acquisition system to immortalize your street encounters in pretty graphs

The fuel map is readily filled out by the DIY'er with the confidence to take it on. A big chunk is closed loop, another piece is not achievable and doesn't matter. The Red Zone is fun to tune at the drag strip or lonely stretch of road, and the middle you can just blend in.
Case closed!
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