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took the 930 on VT foliage weekend for anniversary, ran into a Pelican

What's her face agreed to take the 930 to VT last weekend for our annual foliage / bed & breakfast trip for our 16th anniversary.

Which... poses... a mixed bag.

Yeah, I got to spend 3 days in it cavorting throughout some stupendously twisty backwood roads in the 930 - racked up 450mi even!

Alas... all of ^that^ was tempered by exclamations of "you're hurting my neck" (accelerative G's), "you're hurting my ears", "I'm hot", "I'm cold", "I'm hot AND cold" (my HVlackofAC is the sukk - needs attention), and "you're a jerk" (for any disapproved maneuver).

Translation: nearly all of the 450mi was spent @ like 1200-1800rpm lugging in too high a gear, coasting, and @ 80 and under on the highway - sigh.

Tho, she does admit kinda sorta enjoying alllllllll the attention the car garners (and surprisingly isn't jealous of it?!)... we had folks walking up to the car in traffic to talk to us, pointing, waving, thumbs up, etc., literally everywhere we went. And, from all ages - from as young as 4 to as old as 70+. Gotta love it.

As we ventured thru Manchester for Her Majesty to do some outlet shopping (Fme), we were walking between shops and stumbled upon this:


Damn, what are the odds?

I get my phone out and begin to position for an obligatory pic, when I'm immediately greeted by a friendly couple walking up - it's the owner. Crazy timing eh?

Had a brief cordial chat, sorry I forgot your name but you're from Montreal and were also enjoying your 21st anniversary in VT. Said he was a lurker here, small world.

The '86 had received fresh paint last year and looked fantastic. Sounded a treat too as we parted ways and you trolled past up the street.

Later as we departed in mine, we passed e/o going the opposite way and exchanged a flash and a wave. Great running into you folks.

Funny, I thought your car looked soooooo low and hence really wide - as we passed by you, my wife commented "why does yours look wider?" (car, you pervs). I explained, maybe the black vs. red reflects the light differently, or my 18s change the lines, etc. Yours looks killer tho IMO, the Forgelines look awesome and the ride height rules.

Here's a couple lame shots:

And, finally - damn, a picture simply doesn't capture the thick layer of FILTH smattered allllllllll over the rear haunches of my car. Lots of rubber behind the 295s, and the rear bumper / tail are coated in a glorious mist of road & engine detritus.

Love it. Again, pics do nooooo justice to the splendor!

I've washed it a whole 2x since getting it back LAST MAY (and yes I know my rear trim plugs aren't yet installed, on the shelf). Still donning Monticello remnants... I like it this way - concours junkies, eat yer heart out...
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