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Cam logic

Dear fellow Pelicanites,

the cam is an essential part of the package.

To make this package most efficient and most harmonic as well the core components should work on a synergetic way with each other.

First comes the analysation about the specific application.

Cam choice starts with the view on the static compression ratio, next comes the valve train background and the peripheral situation around inlet plenum, exhaust and turbo.

On the turbo mostly the hot side must fit the cam in size.

The GT 2 evo cam is a good component but as all good parts it is made to fit into a specific concept of a specific application.

Knowing your concept and goal I would say that it is not the right cam for you.

When the lift in TDC grows the system gets more sensitive and more reactive - which helps us to generate much more power and torque then using restrictive catalytic converter smog test oriented cam profiles. A good cam will open up your engine drastically.

It is also the moment where the dynamics tell you if the inlet and exhaust parts fit to each other as they get more connected by the overflow and gas exchange.

In overlap, when both valves are open, the system must pump the right way.

Beside the fact that the GT 2 evo cam must be adjusted quite asymmetrical to work on a CIS and it is not a bolt on part then, it wants a cr of 8:1 better 8,5:1 to work properly in the low rev range.

As you are going with 3,3 l std pistons you will not generate the right cr.

Today's modern cam layout is using most possible lobe area, proper lift, good acceleration without doing harm to the rockers by a nice ramp design.

On this way you reduce duration and generate the best possible surface under the power and torque curves.

Good low end pick up combined with nice peak power numbers as a result.

Best reg.

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