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So I guess this thread was started just to bait and make fun of CIS.

Well I am very happy you all have an extra bank account you don't need and a 930 you don't want to drive for 3 years while Tommy Tuner tries to figure out why it won't run.

If you don't like turbo lag buy a Lexus. Turbo lag is part of the legacy of the 930, just like CIS. I don't want to drive a car that is on boost at idle, that's what a V8 is for. Jeckle-Hyde is part of the charm.

You cannot compare an modern engine managment system to an old school mechanical fuel injection system, especially if that system is 30 years old and has never been serviced. Too many folks have no idea what a refreshed CIS system is capable of. 20+mpg and good fuel curves.

Why not yank that antiquated MFI out of the 2.7RS and add EFI, it's old and crappy after all.
Seriously, Brian, that was not my intention. I *assumed* that it was universally accepted everyone eventually wanted EFI.

I have driven a well sorted CIS 965 that ran better than my EFI due to old school injectors I had.

Running modern injectors now, the car was transformed, and tuning now has become a breeze.

With a base file, I can get a car running good in about 30 minutes.

The great part takes longer as you have to hit areas the car doesn't see much.

Lastly, the most modern EFI systems can tune themselves.

You have to do the initial setup and "accelerator pump" settings, but these things are not too bad to learn. It's all documented.

There's no more "black magic" to tuning.

Heck, my dad who struggles with computers and iPhone installed F.A.S.T. EFI on a customers vehicle and was driving it in a matter of hours.

It's not the '90's anymore...
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